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Reasons Why You Will Never Get Bored Of GT12!

Have you ever felt stuck is a rut? Plateaued with the same old routine and need to change it up? Looking to push your endurance, cardio capacity and strength to the next level? GT12 is the solution. 

Here are 6 reasons why you will never get bored of GT12

It's exciting & fun!

First and foremost, GT12 is meant to be fun! Comprised of 12 high-intensity interval training exercises stations, it's an exciting hour-long circuit designed to make you sweat! GT12's dynamic incorporates a full body workout, employing all of the basic movement patterns to get you to your fitness goals faster! 


You will get good energy

GT12 is full of that fantastic Steve Nash energy! The music is bumping and our trainers are E-X-C-I-T-E-D to be able to engage and get you energized for the opportunity to burn fat and build muscle in one incredibly efficient, action-packed hour.

You will always learn something new

We strive to teach each of our member's proper form and technique, which makes GT12 an invaluable educational experience. At each session, you will be learning from the best how to perform a number of different workouts that you might don't even know existed! 

There's a sense of community

As any group fitness session, GT12 allows members to build relationships which creates a unique sense of community. The culture we have built behind GT12 is one of engagement, excitability, and a feeling of unity. All of these things together make for an enthusiastic, unforgettable experience! 


New session, new challenge! 

As GT12 is focused on progression, you will find yourself challenged in every session! The ability of our trainers to adapt exercises to all ages and levels of fitness will ensure that you have always the right workout and intensity to beyond your limits and get you closer to your goals! Talking about goals...  

The tangible results will keep you going

GT12 is a curated full body workout that combines the Power of Group Fitness, with the Results of Personal Training. With plentiful sessions available throughout the week at different clubs, GT12 gives you a sense of structure that you might not otherwise find. When you least expect you will be smashing your goals on the way to becoming the best version of yourself!  

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