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7 Reasons Why You Should Bike to Work

... especially this Bike to Work Week! Whether you're hopping on your bike for ten minutes or one hour, find out why you should bike to work, and how it can change your life!

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Cycling to work can have amazing benefits, from helping the planet, to helping you reach your weight loss goals! 

Find out why you should bike to work (especially this Bike to Work Week!)


Why You Should Bike to Work (Here are 7 Reasons)
1. Get your cardio in.

Feel like you're strapped to find time for a workout every day? Get your cardio in by riding to and from work! 

If you're riding about 30 minutes each way, that's one whole hour of cardio, at least five days per week. And if there are hills, well, consider that a HIIT workout completed too!

2. Save your money.

Have you BEEN to the gas pumps lately? Especially here in Vancouver, it's costing a pretty penny to commute to and from work. 

With gas prices hitting close to $1.60/litre in Vancouver, it's clear that commuting by car is burning a hole in many BC-ers' wallets. Add in how much you paid for the car, parking costs, and insurance ... you could have spent that on something more useful, like a gym membership

3. Shorter commute times.

Now, this isn't a fact for everyone, especially if you have a long way to go. But if you live in an urban setting, and your commute is less than 10km, it might be quicker–less traffic, no searching for parking. 

If it's more? Studies have found that those commuting by bike for 1 hour (round trip) or more each day, said they felt more happy with how they spent their leisure time. Our guess? Since they're getting their cardio counts as their commute, they get to spend their down time with family, friends, or reading their favourite blog

Why You Should Bike to Work (Here are 7 Reasons)

4. Help save the planet. 

You know that driving every day pollutes our earth. Here are just a few areas that are impacted:* 

  • Global warming: driving releases carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere. 
  • Air, soil, and water: Gases released from driving can deplete the ozone layer. As well, these gases mix with rain water to create acid rain, damaging crops.
  • Human health: ...this one is pretty self explanatory. The pollution gets in our lungs, our eyes, and onto our skin. 

*Information gathered from Sciencing.com

5. Boost your brain power. 

Exercise boosts your mental acuity, and has been highlighted as an important part in reducing memory loss in aging and productivity in the workplace. 

Even better, you're less reliant on GPS maps to get around, meaning you need to get to know directions (who remembers when EVERYONE needed to do that?!).

6. You can take a digital detox.

A digital detox is taking time away from your phone, social media, and the unread emails you have sitting in your inbox. 

The benefits? Not being stuck to your phone or computer gives you time to think. Whether you're brainstorming for a new project, or giving your mind some time to rest and reset (because scrolling through Instagram is NOT the same as real rest). 

7. It helps your mental stress. 

Every heard that "getting out in nature helps you de-stress"? Well, even if you're not hitting the trails, getting out and catching a little Vitamin D does wonders for your mental health.

Also, by hopping on your bike, you keep stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, lower. This means you'll bounce back faster from stressful situations. 

You can always bike to the gym, too!
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