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Here's Why You Don't Need 5 Different Gym Memberships

Do you love to spin, take a yoga class, lift heavy and hit up a HIIT class, all in the same week? You might think you need a different membership for each studio you want to attend. Fun fact: you don't!

Keeping up with all of these memberships, getting your daily caffeine hit from the local coffee shop, staying up with today's fashion trends, oh and paying rent in Vancouver, can get costly. 

Luckily, you can still stay up to date with the latest fitness trends, all with one membership! 

Keep reading to find out why you actually don't need those 5 different gym memberships (maybe it'll even free up some space on your keychain!)

1. Group Fitness 

With over 800+ classes available every week at over 23 locations across B.C., you're guaranteed to find a place and a class that will work for you. You can choose from indoor cycling, barre, yoga, pilates, HIIT classes, dance, and specialty class like aerial yoga and cardio classes that incorporate bungees!

why you don't need 5 gym memberships 

2. You can come at any time!

One downside of fitness classes is that if you're late, you're likely not getting into that classes. With an open gym, you can schedule your workouts around YOUR schedule. 

Even if you plan to go to a group fitness class at one of our clubs and run late, guess what?! You've got an entire gym to play around in!

why you don't need 5 gym memberships

3. Group Training

Need the motivation of others to get you started? Enroll in small group training for a small fee. Gather your tribe and make it a once/week get together. 

With a personal trainer leading the workout, you'll have someone to correct your form, push you a little extra harder and hit those fitness goals! 

4. Cardio Equipment 

Everyone has the best intentions – "I'm going to go for a run along the seawall/through the park/hike up XX mountain". But remember, we're a city of rain, and those intentions get washed away when the clouds roll in. 

With access to treadmills, indoor cycling bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, and ellipticals, you can find something that caters to your needs. 

why you don't need 5 gym memberships

So give your keychain back it's much needed space, and try out our club for FREE! 

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