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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Cross-Train

Are you looking to switch up your training routine?
Do you find yourself doing the same exercises over and over again?
Is your body sore and tired from your regular routine?

If you answered yes to any of the following, you should consider trying cross-training.


Cross-training is a style of athletic training that combines different training modalities with the intent of improving overall fitness and performance. Whether you are a serious competitive athlete or a gym newbie, enhancing your workouts by cross-training can help you get speedy results and make your workouts more fun.


Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Cross-Training: 

Injury Prevention

Too often do athletes become bored training the exact same activity for their sport to progress skill. Of course a golfer needs to golf to get better, just like a swimmer needs to swim; however, overdoing a single activity can not only exacerbate the boredom, but create overwhelming stress on joints and ligaments over time.

Let’s take a runner for example. Running is known to be more of a summer activity. Far too often do we see people who are training for marathons come into the gym in their “off season” to simply run on the treadmill. A good recommendation for runners to give those overused knees, hips and ankles a break would be to cross-train by way of swimming, skiing, or a circuit of high intensity exercises in the gym. Winter is the perfect time for a summer-based athlete to diversify and intensify the path to their performance goal. By cross-training in the winter, a summertime runner can avoid injury and become a healthier more complete athlete.



Being fitter generally creates greater opportunity for higher performance in athletes. Increasing the VO2 max of an individual and/or lowering their body fat percentage over time will create optimal potential for a specific goal.

Although Cross-training itself is considered to be a style of training more focused on athletes, it doesn’t have to be. Winter is a great time of year for all folks to work more specifically on increasing their levels of fitness – and the gym is the perfect venue to do so. We often hear as fitness professionals “I want to tone up” or “I want to gain strength”. What cross-training in the gym provides for any individual, especially in the winter, is a ton of conditioning using a diverse amount of equipment to spice things up and target those all-encompassing complaint areas.


Fighting the boredom bug during the winter is often very challenging. Seasonal depression can take a silent, devastating toll on an individual. To fight this, a great recommendation would be to try cross training with a trainer, friend, or small group. Not only is it more fun, it generates a certain level of motivation and accountability. Having something like this to look forward to can kill two birds with one stone: get you motivated and inspired whilst inching you closer toward your fitness goals!


Here's an awesome Cross-Training workout you can try this winter!

Perform 2 sets of everything:

  1. 20 kettlebell swing
  2. 15 body weight split squat each side
  3. 15 dumbbell squat push press (thruster)
  4. 20 dumbbell renegade row
  5. 60 second high plank
  6. 20 box jumps
  7. 500 meter row on the rowing machine 

Speak with a trainer to learn how to make Cross-Training a part of your regular workouts!

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