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Why SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, Schedules Me Time

Do you find it hard to fit in fitness (even any kind of physical activity!) with a packed schedule? Us too. But there are ways to make sure you stay on track for your fitness goals! 

SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, is a former hockey player, and bikini competitor. Each week, she is in school for 40+ hours as she finishes her degree in dentistry, manages a relationship, and maintains her killer bod. How? 

Why SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, Schedules Me Time

Jordan makes fitness her "me time"–a time that she can focus on what makes her happy. 

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Check out this video, to learn more about why it's important for her to schedule in time for her fitness everyday, and how she holds herself accountable to it!


Jordan's life has always revolved around some aspect of fitness. As a child, and into her teens, Jordan was a hockey queen. As she focused on school, she transitioned to the gym, and eventually began taking part in bikini competitions. No matter what, she has watched how fitness has evolved as her life has changed. 

Her one constant? Knowing how to make time to relax. Finding time to be calm only makes her more in-tune with recognizing those times of excitement, of fatigue, of happiness. By taking time each week to reevaluate (whether that's taking a yoga class, going on a mini-vacay, or watching Netflix), you can refocus and crush your goals! 

Why SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, Schedules Me Time

Advice for Upcoming Fitness Competitors?

Don't do it for the weight loss... 

Don't do it for the abs, because there are so many other ways to get those. You need to find your why, and if that's your why you need to re-evaluate your purpose. 

Why SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, Schedules Me Time

For Jordan, the hardest part wasn't the gym. It was the mental side of it. It was trusting the process, your coach, and your body. It was learning how to be in-tune with yourself to realize what your needs were vs. what your wants were. She learned to listen to her body and focus on how the actions she was doing in the moment, would effect her not only in competition, but in 10 years, in 40 years from now. 

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