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Why Every Woman Needs to Try Pilates at Least Once

Ever feel stiff, stressed, and unfit? Pilates may be just what your body and mind are not only needing, but craving.

Especially for women, Pilates combines critical core work with strength and alignment that contribute to pelvic control and stability. For women in the child bearing years, and mature women with bladder control concerns, the exercises found in a Pilates practice are of particular benefit. 

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Why Every Woman Needs to Try Pilates at Least Once

Pilates encompasses the whole package for health and wellbeing.

It is a method that balances your muscles with extrapolations of exercises similar to yoga and calisthenics which are focused and effective.

Originally designed to rehabilitate professional dancers, Pilates became renowned for not only improving muscle strength, flexibility and posture, but also for enhancing mind/body awareness, breathing technique and stress management. Pilates serves to promote increased circulation, balance and concentration, and is an excellent method for safe rehabilitation and prevention of certain musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances. Again, for women in particular, Pilates has proven to be an effective way to build bone density. It is weight bearing, without being hard on joints, which is a great way to reduce risk of osteoporosis.

Why Every Woman Needs to Try Pilates at Least Once

At SNFC, our Pilates mat classes include exercises that are low impact and performed using natural body weight resistance. Exercises are suitable for all levels, as excellent instructors provide modifications appropriate for beginner to advanced participants. The movements are performed on a comfortable mat with attention given to proper breathing techniques and core control. The quality of each posture and movement is more important than the amount of repetitions. 

Why Every Woman Needs to Try Pilates at Least Once

The aim is not to work to exhaustion, but to have intense concentration on the exercise form and breathing. This conditions the deeper supporting core muscles used in all forms of movement. For those ready for an enhanced challenge, seek out Pilates Reformer private or small group sessions at select SNFC Sport Clubs. The Reformer provides a greater range in Pilates exercises and degree of range and resistance.

Pilates is a safe and effective way to incorporate many of the necessary components of fitness in a convenient, one-hour class, and is enjoying a resurgence as a terrific compliment to any fitness program.

Try Pilates as something new this season, or as an integral addition to your current routine. See you in the studio!

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