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What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

I try to stay away from processed and packaged foods as much as possible. I feel best when my meals start with a pile of vegetables, with some kind of carbohydrate in the middle, and finished off with a protein. The more vegetables the better!

I am not a huge meat eater, so I stick to fish and things like tempeh, organic tofu, chickpeas, and lentils. My husband is more of a carnivore so I always have chicken, turkey and beef on hand for him.

What is always in my fridge?:

Fresh vegetables, almond or coconut milk, eggs, always peanut butter, and hot sauce of any kind.

What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

Favourite Condiment:

Hot Sauce. Currently, I'm obsessing over Valentina as well as Green Dragon from Trader Joe's in the US. I also always have Frank's Red Hot on hand.

What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

Go-to Protein:

Salmon Burgers! So delicious, and so easy.

Favourite Vegetable:

At the moment I love zucchini. Slice it up and throw it in the frying pan with curry powder. So quick and delicious, I actually make this for a snack on the regular.


Favourite Quick Snack:

I usually chop up a bunch of vegetables at the beginning of the week so when I get home from work and I need something to tide me over before dinner, I can munch on them and some hummus.

What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

Quick Easy Last Minute Dinner:

  1. Whatever vegetables are in the fridge/freezer, throw them in a pan and sauté
  2. In a separate pan, sauté garlic and ginger, throw in chicken and cook
  3. Throw the vegetables into that pan with cooked rice (I usually also always have cooked rice in the fridge!)
  4. Add tamari, coconut aminos, extra ginger, and chili flakes.

You have yourself a healthy stiry fry, and it's done in only 10-12 minutes!

What's always in your fridge? Do you have any quick, last minute dinner ideas for us?

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