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What SNFC Staff Members Love About Their Jobs

We asked our trainers, what do you love about your job?

We left it wide open to see what kind of answers they came up with. 


So what do the staff at SNFC love about their jobs? Here's what they said:

Hear from Logan Dube, who has been a Fitness Manager at multiple SNFC clubs, and has moved her way up to being the Director of Education for BCPTI, which means she gets to educate and train our existing and future personal trainers!

 I love:

  • logan-dube1-299x300Working with an awesome team of peers, and constantly getting inspired by the people around me
  • Having access to cutting edge tools and industry trends
  • SNFC’s Fitness-focus
  • Impacting people in a way that can affect/improve the rest of their lives, and getting a hugely rewarding satisfaction paycheck!

Logan Dube 
Director of Education, BCPTI



From the woman who is always upbeat and smiling and, Ingrid loves that everything we do here is worth it, both in the short and long term.

ingrid-knight-cohee"What I love the most is the positive impact made in the moment, and over the long haul, in leading others through the joy (and sometimes pain!) of regular exercise. The smiles, appreciation, grit, set-backs, and triumphs are truly inspiring... both in the short term of a 60min class, and in the long term over months and years of commitment to a healthy habit. Our members are truly amazing. They overcome all sorts of challenges to become their best selves. I feel fortunate to be in a position to motivate, educate, and support their efforts and share in their successes. Their achievements make my job truly rewarding."

Ingrid Knight-Cohee
Director of Group Fitness

Kalena from Langley Fitness World loves that she's created her own unique path at SNFC.

kalena-mortonI love:
  1. Working with amazing people
  2. Never having a dull/boring moment
  3. Being able to create my own picture (having the flexibility to teach at multiple locations)
  4. Education is always available (both in-club and outside of the club)

Kalena Morton
Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
Steve Nash Fitness World Langley


Meryl from Richmond Fitness World loves the impact she has on her friends, family, and community. 

Meryl MallongaI love:

  1. Positively Impacting the lives of our members through daily interaction
  2. Knowing we are helping our community with education and motivation, and supporting them through the process
  3. Being a positive influence to our friends and families 
  4. Working with like-minded individuals that value and embody the same core values.

Meryl Mallonga
Personal Trainer, Richmond Fitness World

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