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Success Story: How Warren Exceeded All of his Fitness Goals with Personal Training

Sometimes it is the least likely events that cause you to make changes in your life.

In spring last year, Warren suffered one family tragedy after another. His father passed away, followed by his mothers passing from ALS shortly after. This was an eye opening series of event for Warren. He promised himself that day that he would start living everyday as if it was his last.

That summer, his hometown of Kelowna experienced a wave of flooding. Warren decided to volunteer to help some of his friends sandbag their property. While doing this work, he found it extremely physically demanding. To the point that he knew something had to change.


Weighing in at 239lbs., Warren started making major changes to his diet and exercise routine. After his changes proved to be mildly successful, he realized he needed help. He took a tour of the Steve Nash Kelowna Fitness World and signed-up on the spot and had his first personal training session that night.

His initial goal was to get down to 200lbs for Christmas, which gave him 4 months to get this done. After 4 months, he was at 196lbs and his life was already better for it.

By February my doctor had cut my prescription for high blood pressure in half and congratulated me on the results of my program. In the next few months I took other classes at the gym, began hiking, and explored other activities that I thought only a few months earlier I would never be able to do.


With that goal accomplished, Warren set his sights on something bigger; he wanted to finish a 5k race in Chicago. He signed-up and got training for something completely out of his comfort zone. He had never run in his life so he knew this would be a challenge for him.  At the beginning he could barely walk a single block, but as the race got closer, he became more confident in his abilities. 

When race day finally arrived, Warren exceeded his expectations. He not only finished the race, but finished 2 minutes faster than his goal time!

Warren credits his success in the gym to his trainer, David. With his help, he has seen tangible improvements in many areas of his life and feels better about his future.

Warren continues to make time for the gym today and is always looking to push himself to new heights.

Before joining Steve Nash I had daily back pain, it was always there, now I don't feel it at all. I have achieved my weight goal and maintained it for several months. Now I can explore new challenges and look beyond what used to be my limitations.

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