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Want to Sweat? Try these Group Fitness Classes for Quick Calorie Burn

If you’re looking for the best sweat (i.e. class options that maximize calorie burn and after-burn), you’ll want to focus on a combo of high intensity interval training (HIIT), and full body strength training.

The following is a closer look into the benefits of each type of training and the best classes for quick results over summer.

HIIT has been a key training strategy for high performance athletes. It has been known that pushing the body to challenging limits, followed by recovery (and repeating this), helps us better adapt to higher levels of intensity, and overall increased capacity of energy output. 


TL;DR (Too long, didn't read)? HIIT makes jogging around the seawall and getting through a hectic workday feel easier!

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The Tabata protocol (based on a famous study back in 1996 of repeated cycles of 20 seconds of all out effort, followed by 10 seconds of recovery repeated 8 times) is considered a standard of HIIT training. This landmark study showed significant gains in fat metabolism, V02Max (volume of oxygen uptake), reduced resting heart rate and longer post-oxygen consumption (i.e. the “after-burn” of continued higher metabolism after a workout).

Remember: HIIT training is highly effective but also very demanding. This should be incorporated a few times into your weekly routine–not your everyday workout. 

Performing HIIT daily actually reduces the training effect. Experts recommended performing HIIT for no more than 20% of weekly training volume since it can take time afterward for proper recovery.

Our caution? Many people ignore these guidelines, which can lead to overtraining and injury, completely compromising any possible gains or performance improvement. That said, there’s no denying the enjoyment and positive results that many experience when including HIIT intervals in a correct and safe way.

Three of the best group fitness classes that offer the benefits of HIIT are:

Try these Group Fitness Classes for Quick Calorie Burn

3D Xtreme

Use the Bosu in 3 stations that cover cardio, conditioning and core in 3 rounds as a team. Practice, push, and crush your drills for a totally challenging and totally fun team-based workout!

Summer Crushhh

Perform HIIT intervals that focus on cardio for the first half of class, then switch gears to a deep relaxing stretch for the second half of class for the best of both worlds.

Shred Express

Our newest group cycling format is a 45min high intensity challenge of non-stop intervals to get you in and out, and onto your next fun summer activity with an endorphin boost.

In addition to HIIT, building strength is another effective and important way to get your sweat on.

Developing and sustaining strong muscles protects joints, and maintains a metabolic advantage by building and supporting lean tissue. The key with all strength training is proper form and technique. Mastering functional movements that improve actions of daily living and sport will help keep you injury free.

Try these Group Fitness Classes for Quick Calorie Burn

Here are the latest and greatest strength class options offered at SNFC: 


Use the long bar and your choice of weight plates for a dynamic tempo-based strength workout. B-lifted in body, mind and spirit in this total body strength challenge!

Buff Body

Get “buff” by using dumbbells and a variety of other tools for functional strength moves that tone and tighten all the right spots. 

Try these Group Fitness Classes for Quick Calorie Burn

Axle Full Body (NEW!)

A first in Canada! Try the unique Axle tool: an 11lb. barbell with wheels on either end that allow for super effective combination training. Push, pull, roll and lift to cover all the foundational strength moves that target the core like never before. Available exclusively at Downtown, Brentwood and Morgan Crossing Sports Clubs. 

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