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What's a Foam Roller Actually For? We'll Tell You

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4 Trainers to Follow To Get You Out of Your Workout Funk

Having a stale workout routine can sometimes be the downfall to all of your hard work. 

5 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Indoor Cycling Class

Have you ever had that day where you really don't want to go work out? It's raining, you haven't had enough coffee, or you were up late watching your favourite weeknight TV show.

How to Do an Upper Body Workout Using the Hoist Machine

If you're thinking: "Hoist machine.... what's that?"... you're probably not alone. But you actually might recognize this machine as the one that you currently avoid in the gym. We're here to change...

4 SNFC Trainers to Follow for the Ultimate Booty Inspo

By Rhiannon Lytle May 28, 2018
Did you know that a strong booty doesn't just look good, but it also helps to keep your body injury-free? Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to working your booty, and...

How to Master the Plank from Head to Toe

By Shaiful Zakaria May 16, 2018
The plank, a.k.a. abdominal bridge, is a popular core strength exercise that can be performed literally anywhere.

Get Outside and Get Active at These BC Parks

By Rhiannon Lytle May 16, 2018
When the sun is shining, it can be hard to convince yourself to hit the gym–and we don't blame you! But that doesn't mean you should skip your workout. 

6 Exercises You Need to Show Off Your Arms and Back This Summer

By Sharaya Poulin May 11, 2018
When it comes to having toned arms and back for those slinky backless dresses and spaghetti strap tank tops in summertime, you have to have the right program. 

The Best Partner Workout for You and Your Mom!

By Kalena Morton May 8, 2018
What better gift can you give your mom this Mother's Day than some quality time? Well, maybe some quality sweat time! 

What You Need to Know About Working Out Pre- and Post-Pregnancy

By Hailee Down May 4, 2018
For years, women have been told to stop exercising, to put their feet up and relax during their pregnancy. In some cases, this can be the correct advice, but in most cases, working out during your...