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Cardio Tips for People Who Hate Cardio

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How SNFC Ambassador Clea Sackville Survived Stage 4 Cancer, and Worked Out During Chemo

Clea Sackville has been a long-time member of Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club. She started out working at the Kitsilano Fitness World, and she now works out at our Coquitlam Fitness World.

Wellness Technology you Actually Need

By Rhiannon Lytle February 15, 2018
There is a lot of fitness technology on the market these days. From everyday wearables, to in-bed mats and smartphone apps, it's clear that the days of physically logging your workout are done.

Are You Doing Step-Up Exercises Correctly? 

By Karan Motagi February 9, 2018
99% of the people on the gym floor–even the competitive bodybuilders–have "Step-Up" as part of their lower body workout routine, which is a very good lower body exercise. However, when they perform...

Train Like Wonder Woman: Get Gal Gadot's Workout

By Janis Blondé February 1, 2018
Getting in shape for a role like Wonder Woman couldn't have been easy. Gal Gadot had to train like a pro athlete due to all of the crazy action sequences in the film, and to get that coveted,...

Former Canadian Women's Hockey Champion & SNFC Ambassador, Jordan Krause, on Passion for Sport

By Jordan Krause January 26, 2018
This is a guest blog post from Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club Brand Ambassador, Jordan Krause.  February 9, 2018. This is the date that hundreds of athletes across the globe have been...

The 3 Gym Machines You Need to Be Using (And Why)

By Kalena Morton January 15, 2018
I don't always use gym machines for my clients' workouts, as a lot of my clients spend the day sitting at a desk and being sedentary. I would hate to put them back in a seated position once they get...

4 SNFC Trainers to Follow on Instagram for #WorkoutInspo

By Rhiannon Lytle January 12, 2018
Instagram can be a great source of fitness motivation. You can even save photos for inspiration later, kind of like Pinterest! With so many people snapping progress photos, you may feel like you’re...

4 Ways to Stay Fit with SNFC as a New Parent

By Rhiannon Lytle January 5, 2018
Are you looking to fit fitness into your new schedule as a new mom or dad? We want to make sure that you've got what you need to be set up for success. 

This Winter Sport is Perfect for Better Balance and Coordination

By Marko Vojvodic January 5, 2018
“If you want to improve your performance in kickboxing, put on a pair of ice skates.” - Coach Marko Those are words you’d never expect to hear from an MMA coach, right?