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Why You Need More Vitamin C in Your Life (and How to Get it!)

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The Exercise You Need to Mitigate The Effects of Poor Posture

By Sarah Wright August 2, 2018
When considering the best way to mitigate the effects of chronic posture misalignment, using strength exercises like the bent over row is one of the most effective strategies for counteracting the...

Surf's up: Dry Land Training to Get Better at Surfing

By Zak Syens July 30, 2018
How do you get better at surfing when there are no beaches or water to be seen? I have put together some the best exercises  you can do (on dry land) to help you master the art of surfing. They are...

Exercises That Will Help Give You That Competitive Edge in Sports

By Ashaunti Hogan July 27, 2018
Have you ever seen that kid in school, that was faster than everyone? Could jump a foot higher than everyone else? Had explosive strength like a grown man?

Here's How to Master the Mechanics For a Proper Pull Up

By Sarah Wright July 23, 2018
Thanks to the internet, we constantly see monstrous feats of strength–think humungous tire flipping, truck pushing, and hammer throwing. Among all of that, we forget about the smaller (but essential)...

Master the Deadlift With Tips from a Personal Trainer

By Hailee Down July 13, 2018
  Deadlifts are my favourite compound lift and they are an exercise you need to add to your exercise routine, if you haven't already. When doing them properly, they are an amazing way to build...

3 Exercises to Help You Improve Your Baseball Game

By Zak Syens July 10, 2018
The best way exercises will help you as a baseball player, is to help you prevent injury. Because baseball has a lot of stops and starts, and sudden movements, it is important to practice a proper...

3 Exercises That Will Make You a Stronger Swimmer

By Lindy Drope July 6, 2018
Swimming is one of the best active recovery exercises, and it is a full body sport!

Master the Squat With 5 Easy Steps

By Hailee Down July 3, 2018
Let's talk about the squat! This is one of the best exercises if you are trying to build muscle and strength, or lose body fat and look or feel good.  As humans we squat every day, it is a natural...

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear the Plyo Box (Exercises Included!)

By Kalena Morton June 27, 2018
Do you watch the people using the plyo box and wish you knew the tricks they did? We want to help you conquer your fear.