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Why You Need More Vitamin C in Your Life (and How to Get it!)

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Netflix and Move: Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

By Mike Chan October 30, 2018
Netflix and chill is so 2017. It's time to find ways to move as the weather gets a little cooler and heading for a run at 9pm just isn't an option. 

What's a Foam Roller Actually For? We'll Tell You

By Jerome Carretas October 18, 2018
Ever had a sore back and not sure what to do to relieve the pain? Well if you haven’t tried foam rolling yet... you definitely need to try it. Your muscles will love you! Believe me–it will help you...

Can You Spot Train Your Problem Areas for Fat Reduction?

By Joshua Russell October 18, 2018
“Spot Fat Reduction” is one of the most requested goals I work with daily.

Try This Pumpkin Workout to Get into the Halloween Spirit

By Athanasia Karaliolios October 11, 2018
Autumn is the season after summer, where leaves fall from trees, cups are filled with pumpkin spice lattes, and jack o’ lanterns are from carved from pumpkins.

5 Leg Exercises to Spice Up Your Leg Day

By Jack Liu October 11, 2018
Leg workouts with only squats, deadlifts, leg extensions and hamstring curls will only get you so far. 

Are You Activating Your Core Properly?

By Nathanial Bowling October 11, 2018
Proper core activation is an essential part of every warm-up program. The core coordinates movements between the upper and lower extremities to engage proper movement patterns.

Ladder Drills: How and Why to Incorporate Them into a Workout

By Jamie Campbell October 5, 2018
As a trainer it can be a struggle to get your client to do a boring and monotonous cardio program. It’s because of this I’m always looking to give my clients variations of non-traditional...

5 Signs That You’re Too Sore to Workout (And Need a Rest Day!)

By Lindsay Belfry October 4, 2018
Muscle soreness after an awesome sweat session can sometimes feel like a badge of honour–it’s a reminder that you worked hard and pushed yourself, and it was worth it! But, a “no pain, no gain”...

How Drop Sets and Supersets Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass

By Katie Pystchula October 1, 2018
There are multiple ways to set up for an effective workout; sets, rep ranges, volume, training modules, not to mention HIIT, Tabata, and interval training. Today we are going to focus in on Drop Sets...