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4 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

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UFC GYM BC Busts 3 Common MMA Myths

By Marko Vojvodic December 12, 2017
Regardless of your fitness level, UFC GYM BC aims to help you achieve your goals with courage and strength. Often, the term UFC brings to mind the octagon, bright lights, cameras, and full contact. ...

Free Workout Guide: 12 Days of Fitmas

By Kalena Morton December 6, 2017
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Fitmas (or both!), we want to make sure that you're set for the holidays with 12 days of exercises! 

No Pain, All Gain–with These 6 Shoulder Exercises

By Logan Dube October 30, 2017
So we started from the bottom (our feet), now we’re here. (Sorry, I’m having fun with these cheesy openers.) But in all reality, I get more members and clients talking about and dealing with shoulder...

A Personal Trainer's Journey to Competitive Female Body Building

By Tanya Kuehn October 20, 2017
When I tell people I am a competitive body builder, I am often disappointed in the response I get from them. More often than not, the athlete status I am so proud of is met with worry for my...

Goal Setting: How to Not Fail at Your Fitness Goals

By Robbie Hannon October 12, 2017
"What is your fitness goal?" That's probably a question that you've heard a few times. Maybe when you signed up at the gym. Definitely if you've had consultation with a personal trainer (I hope,...

Basic Back Stretches: Stand Up and Train Right!

By Logan Dube October 8, 2017
This article's goal is to promote better posture, help you experience pain-free movement, and prevent future back pain issues! Your spine is designed to move in lots of different ways. Different...

BCPTI Graduates Share Their Experience with Us

By Carlyn Rumohr September 6, 2017
The Fall 2017 BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) session is about to kick off! We’ve reached out to recent graduates to share their experiences during the seven-week program and guaranteed job...

Feet First: Why Functional Training Starts From the Ground Up

By Logan Dube September 4, 2017
As a coach and trainer for close to 20 years now, I’ve seen how we exercise evolve dramatically! When I first started helping people learn to workout, I spent the first 3-8 sessions showing my...

3 Key Maneuvers to Prepare for Football Season

By Mike Chan August 30, 2017
Football season is just around the corner! Athletes have been training to prepare themselves for these upcoming months. As a football player myself, I have put together 3 tips and tricks to help give...