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Tech Trends We Love: Smart Sunglasses

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2 Workouts That Will Help You Train for Tough Mudder Obstacles

By Logan Dube June 8, 2017
Having a goal is a great way to ensure you’ll be motivated to work out! Every year we always get requests from clients to train for a race or an event… like Tough Mudder!

8 Reasons to Bike to Work This Week (Or Any Week)

By Janis Behan May 29, 2017
Cycling has become the go-to method of commuting for residents in BC, due to the increased development of bike lanes in our cities, towns, and suburbs. If you own a bike and helmet (and a lock!), you...

#BEYONDSNFC - Improve Your Golf Game with TRX

By Logan Dube April 27, 2017
The foundation of a good golf swing is rooted in proper core and upper body stability, strength, and power.

3 Awesome Kettlebell Exercises For Summer Sports

By Brandon June 22, 2016
Summer is here! Whether it be swimming, hiking, paddle boarding or golfing, many of our favourite summer activities would benefit from greater explosive leg, arm and core strength. To get the most...

5 Full Body Partner Exercises

By Celia June 8, 2016
Sometimes there is strength in numbers - especially when it comes to working out!

Full-Body Sandbell Workout

By Celia June 1, 2016
If you’re looking for a fun but effective way to change up your workouts, look no further! The SandBell is a small but mighty piece of equipment that can pack a punch on your workout.

3 Introductory Kettlebell Exercises

By Brandon May 25, 2016
Kettlebells have recently exploded in popularity – for good reason!

#SundayRunday: 3 Exercises To Boost Your Running Performance

By Gemma Slaughter May 13, 2016
As a competitive runner and personal trainer, I am always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to improve athletic performance.

30 Minute Elliptical Workout

By Celia April 22, 2016
If you're looking to torch calories and boost your metabolism, this 30-minute elliptical workout is for you!

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