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Why You Need More Vitamin C in Your Life (and How to Get it!)

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Success Story: Kathrine T. Overcame Knee Injuries With Personal Training

Raising a child with autism while working two jobs were no match for Kathrine. After years of eating to battle stress, she took control over her life!

Success Story: Ashley H. Battled Scoliosis to Live Like a Regular Kid

Living with injury from a young age has a different set of challenges. Growth spurts can create new issues, or change the progress of healing. 

Success Story: Geoff Went From "Skinny-Fat" to Physically Fit

The phrase "skinny-fat" has become a commonly used term that highlights the idea that, while someone may look slim, they are not physically fit. And this was the case for Geoff. 

Success Story: How Amanda Returned to Fitness After a Major Sports Injury 

 Growing up, Amanda was a sports star, participating in high school basketball, volleyball and netball. She was even part of the U-18 and U-23 Canadian national teams, until a knee injury meant she...

Success Story: Why Ricardo's Weight Loss Goals Won't End With His Wedding Day

Ricardo started his fitness journey with his wedding-bod as his end goal. Little did he know that his passion for fitness would extend beyond this as he continues to strive for his goals. 

Success Story: How Ally M. Learned that Slow and Steady Gets the Goals

Ally came a long way from where she used to be, thanks to understanding that slow and steady wins the race. Her journey is far from over, but with patience and knowledge she'll reach her goals!

Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

It's imporant to seek help when you're "just not feeling yourself". For Carla, it wasn't until she was rushed to the hospital that she found out something was really wrong. 

Success Story: Rebekaah K's journey from cardio queen to body building

Rebekaah isn't new to fitness, but her journey to health truly began when she found happiness in exercising. 

Success Story: Why Justin B. Made a Big Life Change

Justin had always been bigger, despite numerous diet attempts. He resigned to being big for the rest of his life.