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Success Story: How Tina W. Changed her Physical and Mental Health

For Tina, success was about more than just physical change. Over the last six years, the club became her outlet to overcome emotional barriers and drive her to make everyday change.  Tina was one of...

Success Story: How Montana Built Confidence and Turned Her Health Around

Montana began her fitness journey in 2014 as a university student working full-time. Stress was a big part of her life, and she dealt with it by eating. She looked in the mirror one day and realized...

Success Story: After Major Physical Setbacks, Isabel Gained Strength and Confidence at SNFC

Isabel's initial goal when joining SNFC was to strengthen her back and core, improve her balance and mobility, and gain personal confidence. After three major physical setbacks, Isabel felt like a...

Success Story: How Darcy Lost Weight and Battled PTSD with Help from SNFC

Darcy is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. In February 2016, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Darcy's path to PTSD started with his four years of service in Syria,...

Success Story: How Natascha V. Overcame Leg Pain and Her Fear of Going to the Gym

By Janis Blondé September 22, 2017
Natascha's goal was to lose weight in order to improve her health, to feel happier about herself, and to overcome her fear of going to the gym by herself.  Whilst living in Germany from...

Success Story: David A. Retained His Shoulder Mobility Through Rehab

By Janis Blondé August 30, 2017
David's adult life has been moderately active. He has exercised at probably a dozen places, including a home gym, over the years.

Success Story: Things Changed When Mackenzie Put Herself First

By Janis Blondé August 29, 2017
It's been over a year since Mackenzie started on her fitness journey. She was tired of not putting herself first, and tired of being an unhappy and unhealthy person. So she moved out of her parents'...

Success Story: How SNFC Helped Chelsea Make Positive Changes in Her Life

By Janis Blondé August 24, 2017
During the timespan of one year, Chelsea's father, grandmother, and grandfather all passed away; she ended her engagement, and she was involved in a car accident.  Needless to say, she was going...

Success Story: How Albert V. Gained Strength Throughout His Chemotherapy

By Janis Blondé August 17, 2017
Albert got the most distressing news on January 12, 2012: Stage 3 Colon Cancer. What followed? Major surgery and six months of chemotherapy.