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2018 Success Stories Winner: Tommy Grier

On the outside, Tommy looked healthy. But those who knew him, knew that he had large hurdles to get over. And six months ago, Tommy made the leap he needed to live a better life. 

Success Story: How Brandon T. Became a Fitness Inspiration for His Family

Brandon started his journey in 2013, in a small town in the Northwest Territories. At the time, Brandon was 260 lbs, and had never lifted a weight in his life–and didn't even think he could. 

Success Story: How Niki L. Reached her Goals with Group Fitness and Community

Niki had lost control – overeating, mental health issues, and a busy schedule made fitness seem next to impossible. With the help of group fitness classes, in-gym and online challenges, and the...

Success Story: Natalia S. Shows Why Exercise is Necessary when Aging

By Rhiannon Lytle November 28, 2017
Age shouldn't stop you from achieving your fitness goals. In fact, as you age, it's more important to engage in physical activity to remain active and healthy. That's why Natalia N. started working...

The 4 Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the announcement of the Four Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest!  We are overwhelmed with the response from this year's Success...

Success Story: Lavinia S. Overcame the Scale to Reach her Weightloss Goals

When you're afraid to step foot on a scale, starting your weightloss journey can be daunting - but that's the first sign you need to start! Lavinia recognized the signs, and is 70 lbs lighter today...

Success Story: How Wendy S. Went from Afternoon Naps to Long-Distance Running

Wendy knew something needed to change when she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Looking to lose weight and gain self-confidence, Wendy started her journey back to fitness. Long time member, Wendy,...

Success Story: Why Michael D. Worked With a Personal Trainer to Balance his Physical Disability

Michael D. wasn't held back by the fact that he was "physically disabled". Missing half of his left arm and incurring additional injuries while training, Michael was able to find balance and strength...

Success Story: How David D. Started Conquering Life (and the Grouse Grind)

David came to visit Vancouver to run a half marathon. Even then, he felt out-of-shape and knew he needed a drastic lifestyle change.