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Best Places to Hangout Before & After GT12 at Park Royal Sports Club!

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Success Story: See How Mahtab And Her Sister's Dream Came True With Fitness!

Mahtab and her twin sister struggled their entire lives trying to lose weight, trying all kinds of diets. Nothing worked, until they found Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club in Lonsdale.

Success Story: Learn How Clayton Got a Fresh Start To Life With Fitness

Clayton went from gym to gym, struggling with a number of unhealthy habits before he finally found Steve Nash Kelowna. 

Success Story: How Chloe Letellier Gained Her Life Back Through Fitness

Chloe was overweight pretty much her entire life. She grew up practicing sports, but after the divorce of her parents, the pounds started adding on as the years went by, and she reached her highest...

Success Story: How Leonardo found confidence and support through Fitness!

Leonardo found himself in a place of unfamiliarity, moving from Brazil to Canada to pursue his passion to start a degree in Game Design. Living by himself for the first time, in a new city away from...

Success Story: How Merle Overcame A Series Of Health Problems Towards A Balanced Lifestyle!

When Merle joined Steve Nash Fitness 3 years ago, she was just recovering from both a golf injury as well as a prolonged battle with a serious flu virus.  At that moment, Merle was determined to get...

Success Story: How Sara Overcame Stress-Eating and Rediscovered Her Body Through Fitness!

I always felt like a 'fat' girl, and my body was my biggest insecurity since I was young. I worked out all the time for hours on end, and at times my numbers on the scale would go down but my...

Success Story: Find Out How Molly Got Back on Track After Her Pregnancy

After her first pregnancy, Molly realized how hard it was to lose the baby weight. She ate whatever she craved during her first pregnancy, indulging in fast food and ice cream, to the point where one...

Success Story: How Fitness Helped Nathalie Graham Regain Self-Confidence and Start a New Life!

Nathalie Graham has always struggled with confidence and compared herself to others. Her lack of confidence led her to believe that she couldn't make any positive changes in her life and ended...

Success Story: Karen V. lost over 90 pounds thanks to Spin Class

For years, Karen struggled with knee pain and fatigue, limiting her participation in activities.