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Meet Sasha, Membership Representative on Personal Growth with SNFC

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Meet Sasha, Membership Representative on Personal Growth with SNFC

By Carlyn Rumohr September 19, 2017
Like many of us, joining a gym and learning about fitness was intimidating to Sasha. After hiring a Personal Trainer and joining #TeamSNFC, she achieved her goals and changed her life in the process....

BCPTI Graduates Share Their Experience with BCPTI

By Carlyn Rumohr September 6, 2017
The Fall 2017 BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) session is about to kick off! We’ve reached out to recent graduates to share their experiences during the seven-week program and guaranteed job...

Meet Nazanin, From SNFC Member to Assistant Fitness Manager

By Carlyn Rumohr August 29, 2017
Nazanin’s passion for health and fitness started as an SNFC member, when she was only 14 years old. Now a Personal Trainer, she has grown to inspire her clients and team members and was recently...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Emily

By Janis Behan August 23, 2017
We're excited to announce that August's Group Fitness Instructor of the Month is Emily Green. Emily teaches Group Fitness classes at Downtown Express, Howe and Davie, and Yaletown Fitness World––and...

Denis Kang, UFC GYM: Coaching Beyond the Octagon

By Carlyn Rumohr August 18, 2017
Denis Kang has been on world stage since 2009, when he made his 2009 debut with UFC.

Meet Sharaya, SNFC Personal Trainer & Seriously Inspiring #LifeChanger

By Carlyn Rumohr August 16, 2017
Since joining Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club in 2016, Sharaya has taken every opportunity to exemplify exactly what SNFC is all about. She's a Personal Trainer at Morgan Crossing Sports Club,...

Meet Jason, SNFC Member turned General Manager

By Carlyn Rumohr July 26, 2017
Jason is currently the General Manager at our Richmond Sports Club location. We love Jason’s story because what started as just a gym membership inspired Jason to join our team. Now he changes our...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Angela

By Janis Behan July 25, 2017
The SNFC Group Fitness Team is excited to share the Group Fitness Instructor of the Month chosen for July, from Steve Nash Fitness World Kelowna, Angela Zummack. Angela Zummack is a school teacher, a...

Meet Marc, Personal Trainer and True 2 Form Award Winner

By Carlyn Rumohr July 17, 2017
Coming from a background in construction, Marc started with SNFC as an avenue to pay for his tuition. As he became a new trainer, Marc’s tremendous commitment to his clients and to learning and...

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