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Team SNFC Personal Trainers Share Their Experience as Graduates of BCPTI

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC: How to decrease shoulder pain in overhead press

By Fitness World May 16, 2014
Many people have pain with overhead movements such as a military press or incline bench. Not enough is made of the relationship between the shoulder and the thoracic spine.  It is impossible to have...

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Breathing - can it really help my performance?

By Fitness World May 9, 2014
The diaphragm is the most integral muscle in respiration, but is often not utilized to its full extent.  Without optimal function of the diaphragm an individual is not able to fully stabilize the...

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Why chow down on protein every 3 hours

By Fitness World May 1, 2014
Are you maximizing recovery and training adaptions with the right proteins at the right times?

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: How can technology improve your performance?

By Fitness World April 24, 2014
First off, no technology will provide you with an absolute solution to your performance woes. Nevertheless, technology, when accurately and efficiently put to work, can become a powerful tool to...

Spring Training Fitness Program: Back

By Fitness World March 28, 2014
Last week our Spring Training fitness program featured Meghan's favourite ways to get our legs and glutes into shape, and this week John shows us a few of his favourite back workout.

Spring Training Fitness Program: Arm & Shoulder Workout

By Fitness World March 14, 2014
Last Week, Rachel had you working your abs in her core workout. This week we're continuing our Spring Training fitness program with our personal trainer at Brentwood, Robin. She'll have you pumping...

Spring Training Fitness Program: Core Workout

By Fitness World March 7, 2014
As part of our Spring Training Fitness Program, we'll be featuring a different workout every week for you to get your summer beach body ready! This week, our personal trainer from Morgan Crossing,...

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