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Team SNFC Personal Trainers Share Their Experience as Graduates of BCPTI

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4 Simple TRX Exercises for Muscle Sculpting

By trainer October 27, 2015
Achieving success in the gym is all about challenging yourself and learning what works and what doesn't work for your body. Using new tools can be a welcome change for anyone that has hit a plateau...

Spring Training Fitness Program: Back

By Fitness World March 28, 2014
Last week our Spring Training fitness program featured Meghan's favourite ways to get our legs and glutes into shape, and this week John shows us a few of his favourite back workout.

Spring Training Fitness Program: Arm & Shoulder Workout

By Fitness World March 14, 2014
Last Week, Rachel had you working your abs in her core workout. This week we're continuing our Spring Training fitness program with our personal trainer at Brentwood, Robin. She'll have you pumping...

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