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4 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

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10 Tips to stay safe on your Night Run

By Fitness World September 26, 2014
The days are getting shorter, which means a night run might be in order. Here's our take on how to stay safe on the streets when running after dark.

Keeping it Simple with Norma Bastidas

By Fitness World June 12, 2014
Norma Bastidas, recent Guinness World Record breaker for world's longest triathlon has done some amazing things in her life. She has experienced a history of poverty, abuse, and hardship. In the last...

6 Clean Eating Tips for Runners

By Fitness World April 17, 2014
Whether you're an athlete, a bodybuilder, or you just want to lead a healthy lifestyle, clean eating is always an important part of any fitness regime. As a runner, clean eating is especially...

Training for the BMO Half Marathon with Lara the Intern

By Fitness World April 11, 2014
Our marketing intern, Lara, is training for this year's BMO half marathon. This will be her first half marathon, and only her second race ever. Check out her training journey. Over to Lara!

Preparing for the Sun Run

By Fitness World March 18, 2014
With just over a month till the Vancouver Sun Run, it‘s time to start prepping for it now. Eight weeks is more than enough time to safely prepare for your first run of the season. So no more excuses,...

Therapeutic Effects of Running

By Trainer August 28, 2012
How Running Improves Your Mental Health Running is a great way to burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve general fitness, but did you know that it can also be good for your mental health?