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How to Deal with "After-the-Gym" Hair (When You Don't Have Time to Wash It)

By Janis Behan July 12, 2017
If you’re like us gals at the Steve Nash World & Sports Club Head Office, you sometimes like to get a quick workout in on your lunch hour, to maximize your hours in the day. Some workouts are more...

6 Ways to Stay Healthy & Active on the North Shore this Summer

By Janis Behan July 6, 2017
If you live on the North Shore, you already know. You live in paradise! With access to endless mountain ranges, beaches, promenades, cafes, and restaurants, you really can’t ever complain that there...


By Fitness World January 19, 2016
From group cycling to zumba & yoga classes; people getting into the “zone” on their favourite piece of cardio or free weights; or playing throughout the gym, music plays an integral part in almost...

Healthy Chocolate Protein Brownie Recipe

By Fitness World December 8, 2015
Who doesn't love a good brownie? Satisfy your sweet tooth with this simple and delicious chocolate protein brownie.

5 Concrete Eating Guidelines Everyone Can Follow

By Fitness World April 30, 2015
Eating well enough to promote weight loss and lean muscle gain can be tough without proper advice. So we brought in Gareth Bryson, Assistant Fitness Manager at Steve Nash Morgan Crossing and Sports...

How Frozen Yogurt Can Enhance Your Workout

By Fitness World July 28, 2014
Our friends at Qoola are making a special appearance this week! Learn how their frozen yogurt can take your workout to the next level, and offer nutritional value. Something tasty that supports a...

Shiny Objects vs. High Level Personal Training Service

By Fitness World July 7, 2014
Ever tried personal training? It's one of the best things you can do for your body! Our guest blogger, Chad Benson, Director of Fitness Education at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club and Vice...

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Breathing - can it really help my performance?

By Fitness World May 9, 2014
The diaphragm is the most integral muscle in respiration, but is often not utilized to its full extent.  Without optimal function of the diaphragm an individual is not able to fully stabilize the...

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Why chow down on protein every 3 hours

By Fitness World May 1, 2014
Are you maximizing recovery and training adaptions with the right proteins at the right times?

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