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Team SNFC Personal Trainers Share Their Experience as Graduates of BCPTI

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Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Kristin

By Celia February 16, 2017
Kristin is a wife, mother of two and SNFC Group Fitness instructor. She leads Group Cycling, Tabata, Step and Nash 360 classes several times a week at Steve Nash Sports Club Morgan Crossing.

Group Fitness Instructor Of The Month: Catherine

By Celia January 24, 2017
Catherine has been inspiring members at Steve Nash Fitness World Victoria since the club opened in 1987. A rhythmic and creative person with a passion for music, Catherine puts her all into creating...

5 Fundamental Yoga Poses For All Fitness Levels

By Will Blunderfield June 21, 2016
I was introduced to yoga shortly after I moved to New York City for acting school. One of my teachers was a certified yoga instructor and had us do yoga before we went on stage – he said it would...

Group Fitness Instructor Of The Month: Crystal

By Celia June 17, 2016
Crystal Galt has been teaching group fitness classes at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club for nearly 4 years. As a dancer, Crystal loves music and working to a beat. She feeds off the energy in...

Group Fitness Instructor Of The Year: Ryoko Donald

By Celia March 23, 2016
  Ryoko Donald proudly holds many different titles in her day-to-day life. She is a devoted wife, mother of two, BCRPA group fitness leader, certified Yoga Alliance teacher and personal trainer....

Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Aubrey

By Fitness World April 10, 2014
Our instructor of the month for April is Elizabeth Aubrey. With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Elizabeth is a well-rounded, educated and passionate part of our group fitness...

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