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Team SNFC Personal Trainers Share Their Experience as Graduates of BCPTI

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Success Story: How Fitness Helped Kathryn A. Overcome Her Health Problems

By Janis Behan May 1, 2017
Kathryn’s fitness journey all started in 2013 when a month before her high school graduation, she realized her grad dress was getting too tight. She started working out to fit into that dress. She...

5 ways to stay Healthy this Holiday season

By Fitness World December 14, 2015
We get it. The holiday season is a challenging time to follow all of the healthy habits you’ve created for yourself over the previous 11 months. We definitely want you to enjoy yourself and celebrate...

5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

By trainer October 29, 2014
Cold and flu season is upon us. Why not perk up your immune system and fight off that cold with these easy tips. 

Nutrition Labels: Does It Matter If They Change?

By Fitness World February 27, 2014
The US FDA has recently unveiled new nutrition labels for food packaging. The new labels will emphasize number of calories, clarify serving size and call-out added sugars. Ontario has also come out...

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