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Why You Need More Vitamin C in Your Life (and How to Get it!)

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How Can I Keep Eating Healthy With My Busy School Schedule?

As we enter the busy school months, we become more susceptible to poor nutrition choices. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge sometimes especially if the cold weather is keeping you...

How Much Time Should I Be Spending in the Gym?

If you've started going to the gym on a regular basis you might find yourself asking, how much time should I be spending in the gym? The answer might surprise you. 

Eating Healthier And Exercising But Still Not Losing Weight?

So you've decided to make a lifestyle change — awesome! You've started eating healthy and exercising, but you're still not losing weight. What's the deal?

How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie

We can't think of any better, tastier, more power packed way to get your fruits and veggies in than a cool green smoothie. To simplify things we've created The Ultimate Green Smoothie Guide. 

5 Tips to Be More Efficient in the Gym

With the re-introduction of work, school and other commitments post-holidays, maintaining a healthy balance of work, life and fitness can be challenging. Make the most of your time at the gym with...

5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Biking to Your Fitness Routine

Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club is the official fitness sponsor for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. We're excited to take part in a movement that has raised over $59 million dollars for the BC...

7 Gym Essentials

Here are 7 of our must-haves when we head in for a workout.

3 Simple Ways to Eliminate New Year Stress

After everyone settles back into work, they soon realize that a new year brings new problems and challenges. We all want a fresh start and to meet these head-on. But the pressure to achieve and...

Next Level Fitness: Our Favourite Fitness Trackers

Wearable technology has been around for years, but recently it’s really come into the spotlight. With so many options, it’s hard to narrow down which fitness tracker to choose. We’ve listed 3 of our...