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Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Why chow down on protein every 3 hours

By Fitness World May 1, 2014
Are you maximizing recovery and training adaptions with the right proteins at the right times?

Preparing for the Sun Run

By Fitness World March 18, 2014
With just over a month till the Vancouver Sun Run, it‘s time to start prepping for it now. Eight weeks is more than enough time to safely prepare for your first run of the season. So no more excuses,...

March Calendar of Events

By Fitness World March 1, 2014
This month, Surrey and Howe and Davie are celebrating their grand re-openings! Check out their upcoming events in March.

Nutrition Labels: Does It Matter If They Change?

By Fitness World February 27, 2014
The US FDA has recently unveiled new nutrition labels for food packaging. The new labels will emphasize number of calories, clarify serving size and call-out added sugars. Ontario has also come out...

Healthy Recipes To Please Your Olympic Party Guests

By Fitness World February 20, 2014
So you want to have a party and invite your friends over to watch the Olympics, but you want to keep it healthy. No problem! Here are a few healthy recipes that are quick, easy and no one will even...

Heart Healthy Workouts

By Fitness World February 18, 2014
The heart is the most important muscle in your body, keeping it strong is the key to your health. Do you want be the eighty year old who looks fifty and acts twenty-five or do you want to be stuck in...

4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Heart

By Fitness World February 11, 2014
It can be very easy to maintain a healthy heart. With a few little lifestyle adjustments, anyone can help themselves reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fitness Profile: Ruman

By Fitness World January 31, 2014
As part of Team Social, Ruman will be sharing her fitness journey!  Here's a little bit about her fitness regime.

Now Introducing: the Steve Nash Social Team

By Fitness World January 31, 2014
Sometimes we all need a little inspiration - a little "fitspo," if you will.  Whether it's cranking out a cardio circuit or squatting deep with kettle bells, we all take different paths in our...