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4 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

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The Benefits of Morning Workouts

The saying is ‘early bird gets the worm.’ While this may be true for some aspects of our lives, how does it apply to our workout routines?

3 Effective Stretches To Increase Flexibility

By Celia March 14, 2016
If you feel like you aren’t getting the results you want in your exercise routine, tight muscles and inflexibility may be to blame. Many people are plagued with tight hips, glutes and shoulders. The...


By Fitness World January 19, 2016
From group cycling to zumba & yoga classes; people getting into the “zone” on their favourite piece of cardio or free weights; or playing throughout the gym, music plays an integral part in almost...

Fitness Goals for 2016: How to set yourself up for success

By Lauren Chapman December 28, 2015
It’s the time of year for resolutions, an opportunity to make changes and set goals for an even better year to come. Making fitness a priority and living a healthy lifestyle tops many people’s list,...

5 Healthy Habits to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

By Trainer November 17, 2015
Developing healthy habits can do wonders for your immune system. Develop these 5 healthy habits to boost your immune system naturally and keep it iron strong.

Using Zumba and Yoga To Combat Sickness

By Fitness World October 9, 2015
National Health Service England staff will be offered Zumba and Yoga group fitness classes to keep them fit and healthy. The National Health Service staff have one of the most demanding jobs in the...

Treadmill or Elliptical, Which One Should I Choose?

By Fitness World September 30, 2015
The eternal battle — treadmill or elliptical? Which one should you do? Let's delve a bit deeper into the differences and benefits of the two. 

I've stopped making progress in my workouts, what can I do?

By Fitness World September 17, 2015
If you have stopped making progress in your workouts you may have hit a plateau. Don't panic, here are a few things you can do to break through the plateau and start making progress again. 

How Can I Keep Eating Healthy With My Busy School Schedule?

By Fitness World September 10, 2015
As we enter the busy school months, we become more susceptible to poor nutrition choices. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge sometimes especially if the cold weather is keeping you...