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4 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

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Group Fitness Instructor Of The Month: Crystal

By Celia June 17, 2016
Crystal Galt has been teaching group fitness classes at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club for nearly 4 years. As a dancer, Crystal loves music and working to a beat. She feeds off the energy in...

May Group Fitness Instructor Of The Month: Mercedes

By Celia May 27, 2016
Mercedes Sanchez Garcia has been dancing for most of her life. When the opportunity came to translate her passion for dance and performing to group fitness, she jumped on it. Her infectious...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Noel Genoway

By Trainer November 11, 2015
Longtime group fitness instructor Noel has taught many class formats over the years. He focuses on creating a fun, healthy, and fit community that supports one another in achieving their fitness...

Group Fitness Feature: Joga

By Ingrid Knight-Cohee October 3, 2015
Joga is the discipline of yoga combined with the science and biomechanics of movement. The program was designed for the body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete, and the industry of sport. Joga is...

Instructor of the Month: Andrew Alcalde

By Fitness World June 2, 2015
Andrew is one of our amazing group fitness instructors at the Howe and Davie Steve Nash location. The positivity and enthusiasm that he brings to his classes has been an inspiration for many of our...

Instructor of the Month: Jenn Robinson

By Fitness World March 6, 2015
You might recognize this familiar face as one of our Success Stories! Well, Jenn Robinson continues to be a success as one of our group fitness instructors.

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Sherry Jensen

By Fitness World February 23, 2015
We are so happy to feature Sherry Jensen as one of our most valued group fitness instructors and a prime example of a motivated go-getter!

Instructor of the Month: Yelena Yermolenko

By Trainer November 3, 2014
Our instructor of the month for November is the Yelena Yermolenko! She is one of our most energetic dance fitness instructors and we are so happy to recognize her this month!

Instructor of the Month: Michelle Weisbom

By Fitness World July 7, 2014
Michelle Weisbom is our instructor of the month for July. Michelle has been teaching for eleven years! She is such an inspiration, transforming from a student of group fitness to an instructor. She...