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10 Ways for Busy Moms to Exercise

By Trainer July 13, 2012
How busy Moms can still make time for Exercise If you’re a mom, you’re busy and tired. It doesn’t matter if your child is a newborn or is about to graduate from high school. Chances are, you could...

Being Gluten-Free

By Trainer July 6, 2012
Gluten-free Diets Gluten-free diets are becoming rather in vogue as the awareness of gluten intolerance increases and the need for easily available gluten-free products places demands on the food...

How to Protect Yourself in the Sun

By Trainer July 5, 2012
How to Protect Yourself in the Sun & Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. It is caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which penetrate...

Spinach Really Does Make You Stronger!

By Trainer July 5, 2012
Surprise! Spinach really does make you stronger! It gave the cartoon character Popeye superhuman strength, but Popeye’s spinach-eating habits may have real science behind it. Researchers at the...

Benefits of Strengthening Your Core

By Trainer June 25, 2012
Practical Benefits of Strengthening Your Core Developing bulging biceps, a six-pack, and buff pecs is a popular weightlifting goal. However, visibly bulking up isn’t the most important aspect of...

Risky side effects of Sitting too much

By Trainer June 12, 2012
How to Reduce the Risky Side Effects of Sitting too Much Millions of people conduct their work, and much of their play, from a sitting position. Until recently, this was not regarded as a problem, as...

Health benefits of Bananas v.s. Sports Drinks

By Trainer June 11, 2012
The Health Benefits of Bananas vs Sports Drinks Do you stop to pick up a sports drink after a workout at the gym? Choosing a banana as an alternative will provide you with more nutrients and other...

Immune System Booster Foods

By Trainer June 6, 2012
If you want to improve your resistance to disease or simply want to maintain a healthy immune system throughout your life, you need to be aware of the fact that diet can play a huge role. Make sure...

Stretching Before & After Exercise

By Trainer June 4, 2012
Is Stretching Before or After Exercise Necessary? When you took gym class in high school, you likely were forced to stretch before and maybe even after playing various sports. In athletics, you might...