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4 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health

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Getting Fit At Work

By Trainer October 1, 2012
How to Include Fitness at the Office  There are societies across the globe where epidemics like obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure are virtually unheard of. Perhaps more surprisingly,...

Healthy Cooking Substitutions

By Trainer September 24, 2012
Healthy Substitutions Maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the taste of foods that you love.  Oftentimes, you can use simple substitutions in your diet to change foods...

Treating Insomnia with Vitamins

By Trainer September 24, 2012
Magnesium for Insomnia In a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation 48% of the respondents reported having occasional bouts of insomnia, while 22 % deal with chronic insomnia. Sleep is...

Yoga Benefits for Kids & Teens

By Trainer September 24, 2012
Why Yoga is Great for Children & Teenagers Many adults experience life as stressful and hectic, and when they do they sometimes long for the what seems like the simplicity of childhood. But have...

How Natural Are Natural Sweeteners?

By Trainer September 11, 2012
Stevia, Agave, Honey & More... Everyone is aware that table sugar (sucrose) is highly refined. It also contains calories; it causes tooth decay and can lead to spikes in blood glucose levels that...

Be Happier - Everyday

By Trainer September 11, 2012
10 Things You Can Do To Live Happier Life is the unending search for happiness. The worst part about happiness is that it’s fleeting, but it doesn’t have to be. Happiness should be a part of...

Relieving Exercise-Induced Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

By Trainer September 11, 2012
DOMS -  How to Relive the Pain Do your muscles get sore if you start a new exercise class or change your routine?  This soreness is part of a common condition called delayed onset muscle soreness or...

Maintaining Healthy Bones

By Trainer September 11, 2012
6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Bones Bone density peaks in your 30s, and bones can start to deteriorate in the same decade. Habits that you establish as early as your teens and twenties can be important...

Success Story Finalists: Interviews

By Trainer September 5, 2012
Take a moment to get to know our Success Story finalists and hear their stories of hope, triumph, and weight loss. Let our finalists be your motivation to set yourself goals and experience the...