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Team SNFC Personal Trainers Share Their Experience as Graduates of BCPTI

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Sweat For Effect

By Celia February 17, 2017
I love being active. I always have. As a kid, I was more interested in playing outside than playing video games. Birthday parties were sports days full of road hockey, soccer, capture the flag,...

Group Fitness Feature: Summer Glide

By Celia July 14, 2016
Glide your way to a swimsuit-ready body with this NEW for Summer 2016 group fitness class! Summer Glide is a 45-minute, full body workout that uses Gliding Discs.

Full-Body Sandbell Workout

By Celia June 1, 2016
If you’re looking for a fun but effective way to change up your workouts, look no further! The SandBell is a small but mighty piece of equipment that can pack a punch on your workout.

15 Minute Gliding Disc Core Workout

By Celia April 28, 2016
As we close in on the warmer summer months, it’s time to shed our long sleeved layers and replace them with dresses, shorts, and tank tops. Hello, beach season!

30 Minute Elliptical Workout

By Celia April 22, 2016
If you're looking to torch calories and boost your metabolism, this 30-minute elliptical workout is for you!

Exercise Tips To Manage Type 2 Diabetes

By Celia April 7, 2016
April 7th is World Health Day. This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is highlighting the need to step up prevention and treatment of diabetes – according to their Global Report On Diabetes,...

3 Effective Stretches To Increase Flexibility

By Celia March 14, 2016
If you feel like you aren’t getting the results you want in your exercise routine, tight muscles and inflexibility may be to blame. Many people are plagued with tight hips, glutes and shoulders. The...

Shiny Objects vs. High Level Personal Training Service

By Fitness World July 7, 2014
Ever tried personal training? It's one of the best things you can do for your body! Our guest blogger, Chad Benson, Director of Fitness Education at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club and Vice...

4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Heart

By Fitness World February 11, 2014
It can be very easy to maintain a healthy heart. With a few little lifestyle adjustments, anyone can help themselves reduce the risk of heart disease.

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