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4 Top Fitness Tech Items to Help You Stay Injury-Free

 It's nearly 2018. While we don't have flying cars yet, fitness technology has grown leaps and bounds to make exercise accessible to nearly everyone - from fitness watches to track calorie burning, to countless apps that act as your own personal motivation. 

But to stay on top of your fitness game, it's important to stay injury-free and maximize your recovery periods. Today, we're giving you four types of gear that can help you outside of the gym, to maximize your exercise time. 

1. The Firefly™ Device

The firefly device is a neuromuscular electro stimulation (NMES) device, used to stimulate healthy muscles to improve or facilitate muscle performance.

You’re supposed to wear this device at your knee, where it assists in delivering natural and painless electrical impulses to return blood to the heart.


Photo courtesy of Firefly

According to the website, the Firefly™ device stimulates healthy muscles for:

  1. Increased blood circulation
  2. Decreased muscle soreness after intense exercise
  3. Faster muscle recovery
  4. Improved muscle performance

2. Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Proper rest is essential for recovery. Everything from taking a rest day, to getting proper sleep each night will help you optimize your workouts and stay injury-free.

The material in Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear is supposed to absorb heat put out by the body, then reflect back this Far Infrared Radiation, which is said to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

… and if it works for the brand's many ambassadors, including Steph Curry and Tom Brady–it has to work for us, right?

TopFitnessTechForInjuries.jpeg        TopFitnessTechForInjuries

Photos courtesy of Under Armour

3. Whoop Strap 2.0

Focused on injury prevention by letting you push your limits without overtraining to injury, the watch gives you daily insights into how your body responds to the “Strain”.

It then tells you where you are at on the “Strain” to recovery scale, and whether you should be training, or working on recovery exercises and activities.


Photo courtesy of Whoop Strap 

4. KeenBrace

With muscle-mapping technology, KeenBrace shows you how muscles respond to, and recover from different workouts – including those under the most stress. It even has a real-time voice coach that tells you when to start, stop and switch to a different exercise.


Photo courtesy of Keenbrace, via Indiegogo

Have you tried out any new fitness technology to help you prevent injuries? We'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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