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Top 7 Gifts for Your Favourite Foodie

Do you a someone who loves food in your life this holiday season? Helpful hint: anything to do with food, they'll love! But to give you a head start, we've listed out 7 gifts for your favourite foodie this year! 

Top 7 gifts for your favourite foodie

1. Spiralizer | 2. An Apron | 3. CSA Membership | 4. Cookbook 
5. Slowcooker | 6. Kombucha Brewing Kit | 7. Recipe Box

Top gifts for your favourite foodie: 

1. A spiralizer

This is an especially perfect present for those foodies who are carb-free or have gluten or wheat intolerances. Spiralizing anything from zucchini to sweet potatoes, you can create low-carb versions of your favourite comfort meals, with added nutrients!

2. An apron

If they’re always in the kitchen, it’s likely that they’re not always using a cloth to wipe their hands. Having a fun apron that show’s off their personality is a great conversation starter and handy napkin.

3. CSA Membership

Community-supported/shared agriculture (CSA) is a different way to buy groceries! These produce boxes, put together by local farmers, let the home chef get creative with the variety of produce they get each week.

4. A Cookbook

Cookbooks aren’t always a specific set of directions. Sometimes, they act as inspiration for the expert foodie. With the variety of health-conscious cookbooks on the market these days, it’s easy to find something that suits their diet.

5. Slow Cooker

Just because he or she is a foodie, doesn’t mean they aren’t busy. A slow cooker lets them get creative, then go about their regular day! Even better, slow cookers aren’t just for soups and stews anymore. They cover the spectrum of meals, from breakfast to dessert. Just cross your fingers that you get invited over for a dinner.

6. Kombucha Home Brewing Kit

If they’re the health-conscious foodie, it’s likely they’ve tried Kombucha. But this habit can be not-so-healthy on the wallet.

With a Kombucha home brewing kit, they can make their own each week for the same price as one bottle! You never know, this could even spur their next business venture!

7. Recipe Box

Help them keep track of their favourite recipes by giving them a recipe box with blank cue cards. Add a few of your own favourite recipes, or ones that have been passed down in your family for a little heart-felt touch!


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