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Top 6 Fitness Trends We’re Excited for in 2018

While we're not fortune tellers, we do like to think we know a little something about fitness trends and what you're going to love in the New Year! 

Fitness for overall health and injury prevention, as well as sweating with others are just a few of the trends that top our list. Keep reading to see the 6 fitness trends we're excited for in 2018!

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1. Functional Fitness

In a world where we spend more time sitting, on computers, and looking at our phones, it’s important that we balance this with exercises that will keep us injury-free. Functional fitness trains us for everyday life.

2. More boxing 

Boxing is empowering. And as a high-intensity workout, it doubles as a major fat-burner and muscle builder. Try out classes like MMA Training or a kickboxing class at UFC GYM.

fitness trends for 2018

3. Intermittent Fasting

While not exactly a workout, it is a new (well, actually old) way of eating and splitting up your meals. Some fast for a certain number of hours each day, while others take off full days each week. There seems to be a lot of success behind this method (likely due to the calorie cutting). Be sure to chat with a professional before starting!

4. Active Recovery 

As we get older, we become more prone to injury (unless you’re getting in your functional fitness)! Active recovery targets the [right] muscles needed to come back from injury. Working with a personal trainer can help target those muscle groups, and meet other fitness goals!

fitness trends for 2018

5. Group Fitness

Group training never goes out of style (it even topped our list in 2017!) Not only can you learn fun new ways to move, but you also have a group of people to keep you accountable and motivated through a tough workout.

6. Making fitness play time

Have FUN! Even though you're encouraged to push yourself to reach your goals, it’s important that you enjoy what you’re doing. Whether you love to run, powerlift, spin, etc., find what it is that makes you happiest and set your goals based on that!

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