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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During a GT12 Session

GT12 is a group training class that has 12 stations within it. There are total of 2 rounds with 30 second work and 10 second rest. Each station is set up strategically one after the other to maximize your performance during the workout while targeting each muscle group in the body.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that people make during a GT12 session and how you can avoid them! 

Incorrect breathing

First mistake and the most crucial one would be breathing. Breathing is one of the most important parts of working out. When you take deep breaths, it gets transferred through the body and powers the muscles. Proper breathing technique – Breathing deep in from the diaphragm, not from the chest. This will help you get those deep breaths that you need for exercise and help you be stronger throughout your movements.



Not paying attention to the demonstrations

Second mistake that people make while doing GT12 would be communicating to others while the instructor is demonstrating the station, or in another case not paying attention. When you don’t pay attention you miss the instructions for the station and where the next station is located. Lots of people get very confused and trip over others as they move to the next station.

Improper form

Third mistake that people make is individual muscle imbalances that cause them not to have proper form. When you have improper form that’s when injury is more prone to happen. Having your core engaged and pelvis tucked in at all times give you more stability throughout your body and helps you have more power throughout your movements. I find that when I’m instructing a GT12 session, members sacrifice their form for speed. Just because you go fast doesn’t mean that you’re working out harder. We go by working smarter not harder.


Progression too soon

Fourth mistake that members make would be progressing the movements when they’re simply not ready to. If you feel like the station is too progressed for you, then don’t ever feel too afraid to ask. The last thing that we the instructors want is for you to become injured because it’s too hard or the weight is too heavy to lift.

Not resting enough

Finally, last but not least the fifth mistake is members not taking the proper rest time for their bodies. Rest is very important for you as it lets your muscles recover, and of course lets you catch your breath. Depending on your fitness level, taking a longer rest for you to recover will help you finish out the circuit strong instead of you fading out and not being able to finish it.

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