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Top 4 Foods for Glowing Skin

With winter in full swing, our skin can sometimes take a turn for the worse. Weekends hiking and skiing in the mountains, heaters in our homes and at work, and windy days, can all leave our skin feeling dry and looking a little "blah".

To ease your winter skin woes, here are 5 foods for glowing skin:

1. Collagen Powder

Collagen is a major player in bone, joint, and skin health. For years, we have seen collagen-infused creams, lip plumpers, etc. But if skin health starts from the inside, why shouldn’t we include this in our diets?

How to include it in your diet? Add it to smoothies or mix it in with coffee!

foods for glowing skin

2. Healthy Fats

It was hard to narrow this down to just one, because nearly all healthy fats will benefit your skin health. Foods high in essential fatty acids (EFAs), like omega-6 and omega-3s help your cells retain water, meaning they stay nice and plump rather than dried out and wrinkly.

How to include it in your diet: Avocado, fish (especially wild-caught salmon), oils (like coconut oil and olive oil), and nuts and seeds (including walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, flax and chia seeds) are all great source of EFAs.

foods for glowing skin

3. Vitamin C-Rich Foods

The importance of vitamin C is two-fold.

  1. It’s an antioxidant, meaning it helps to relieve stress put on the body from free radicals (like from UV rays from the sun).
  2. It is the precursor to collagen development in the body.

How to include it in your diet: Rethink that Minute Maid Orange Juice. If it’s pasteurized, it’s safe to say you’ve lost the natural vitamin C. Go with whole foods like oranges (of course) and leafy greens, and even surprisingly cauliflower (hello cauliflower rice). Cold-pressed juices are also a great source.

foods for glowing skin

4. Fermented Foods

Good digestive health is linked with good skin. Key to good digestive health? Probiotic-rich foods that help rebalance the bacteria in your intestines.

How to include it in your diet: Yogurt and kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi, and kombucha. If none of these make your tastebuds water, you can go straight for the supplements. Be sure to look for 10 billion+ CFUs (minimum) for daily maintenance and mainly the human strains. 

foods for glowing skin

Foods to steer clear of?

  • Alcohol: Sorry, beer shouldn’t count toward your macros here.
  • Coffee: Double sorry! If you need your caffeine fix, follow it with an extra glass of water.
  • Dairy: This mainly focuses on products from cow’s milk
  • Gluten: Even if you don’t notice the digestive effects, your skin may be showing that you have an intolerance.

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