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Top 4 Things To Do In Whistler To Crush Your Fitness Goals

Whistler is built for the active person. So if you're looking for an active getaway, paired with a little relaxation, check out these tips. 

Many people will head to Whistler for a weekend of skiing or snowboarding. But what happens if that just isn't your thing? Luckily, there are a lot of other activities that get you outdoors and active! 

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Check out these 4 activities you can do in Whistler this winter: 

1. Snowshoeing 

There are many mesmerizing hikes that you can do around Whistler at any time of year, and a little snow just adds to the magic. 

You can rent snowshoes at various location in Whistler, head out for the day, or even just an afternoon hike. With the added weight and resistance strapped to your feet, you'll burn through more calories and get a little strength training in there, all while taking in the serenity of being outside of the main villages. 


2. Cross-Country Skiing

If you don't feel confident heading down the slopes, but want to feel a pair of skiis gliding under your feet, try our cross-country skiing! 

Because you're forced to go up small hills, and stay balanced along the trail, you're getting a great cardio and booty workout!


3.  Snowmobiling 

Yes, you may be sitting on your behind, but if you're looking for a good arm workout, this is your go-to winter activity. 

Snowmobiles are massive machines, and when you're trying to squeeze around small corners, or climb the side of a mountain, it takes a lot of arm work to hold it steady. 

Pro tip: Don't go snowmobiling after working your arms. 


4. Downhill Skiing + Snowboarding 

No "Things to do in Whistler" list would be complete without downhill skiing and snowboarding making the cut–it's what Whistler was built for!


If you're still prepping for an amazing ski season, check out these group fitness classes.

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