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Top 10 Most Popular Fitness Articles of 2017

 We've had an exciting year of growth and change here at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs! As a re-cap on all that is health and fitness, we wanted to share our Top 10 Most Popular Fitness Articles of 2017, as read by YOU! 

Thank you for following along and reading our blog–we promise to have even more exciting articles on health, fitness, and nutrition for you to consume in 2018!

Here they are, the Top 10 Most Popular Fitness Articles of 2017:

Basic back stretches

1. Basic Back Stretches: Stand up and Train Right

This article's goal is to promote better posture, help you experience pain-free movement, and prevent future back pain issues. Logan Dube, Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager, describes a few back stretches that should help you start your training off right, and allow you to progress to more advanced movements. Read more.


2. New Parents: Bring Your Wee One to Zumbini This Fall!

Using fun, Zumba-influenced original music, you and your child will be taken through a 6-week program focused on bonding and creative play. Channel your energy into what’s most important–– your child’s growth and development with you and with other children. Read more. 

tech trends: Fashion-conscious fitness trackers

3. 2017 Tech Trends We Love: Fashion-Conscious Fitness Trackers

We compiled our top picks for up-and-coming tech trends in a mini-series, covering everything from fashion & lifestyle, to headphones, shoes, cardio equipment, and more. The first in our "Tech Trends We Love" series was on fitness trackers that re-define ‘wearable’ tech. Learn more.

Feet First Functional Training

4. Feet First: Why Functional Training Starts From the Ground Up

Gone are the days of using the same old circuit machines to increase strength. These days, people come into the gym with injuries, back pain, and worse–and are looking for ways to gain their strength back. Here are some of the basic functional training foot exercises and progressions that Logan Dube uses with her clients to work towards more complex and intense workouts. Learn more. 

vitamin d during a vancouver winter

5. How to Get a Proper Dose of Vitamin D During a Vancouver Winter

In the summer months, it's easy to get enough vitamin D, but what can we do in the winter? Especially when we aren't getting regular amounts of sun each day? Let's take a look at some of the ways you can get your full dosage of Vitamin D each day. Read more. 

Competitve Body Building

6. A Personal Trainer's Journey to Competitive Female Body Building

Personal Trainer, Tanya Kuehn, talks about her decision to pursue competitive female body buildling, and her journey to get there. Learn more.

Benefits Beyond le Barre

7. Benefits Beyond Le Barre

Back in February, one of our newest Group Fitness classes at the time was Le Barre. Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Daniela Tempesta discusses the many benefits Le Barre will bring you. Learn more. 

Tech trends we love: elevevated exercise experience

8. 2017 Tech Trends We Love: An Elevated Exercise Experience

In the second part of our "Tech Trends We Love" mini-series, we ran through our favourite headphones, eyewear, and music accessories that will enhance your workout experience. Learn more. 

benefits of tandem training / partner training

9. It Takes Two: The Benefits of Tandem Training

Alex and Lisa are partners and working professionals who are passionate about fitness, healthy living, and each other. They were looking for a way to reconnect and spend quality time together during their busy work-weeks. Their solution? Tandem training with Steve Nash Fitness Clubs Personal Trainer, Matt. Matt sat down with them to learn more about how tandem training has improved their quality of life – both physically and emotionally. Learn more. 

Barre moves to achieve a dancer's body

10. 3 Le Barre Moves to Achieve a Dancer's Body

If you’re looking for an awesome group fitness class that tones, sculpts, and lengthens the body, Le Barre is for you. Here are three of Daniela Tempesta's favourite Le Barre moves that go above and beyond to achieve a long and lean dancer’s physique. Read more. 

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