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This Is What People Are Saying About GT12!

GT12 has been a HIIT since it came out. 

SNFC's curated fitness program has been getting all kinds of great feedback from participants; here's what people are saying about GT12! 

"I have done it for a month now and have lost 3% body fat. One of the best things I have done for myself." - Angela, Facebook.

"Just started my free week of GT12 and I love it! Fantastic workout, great supportive trainers. I will definitely sign up after my free trial. Love our SN Coquitlam! 💪❤️" - Wendy, Facebook.

"Well planned circuits. Great to work with a variety of Personal Trainers. Meeting new people and making new friends. Makes the club experience more personal" - Rachelle, Facebook.


"GT12 extreme Group Fitness class works ur butt off and u feel great right after 👊🏋️" - Katie, Facebook.

"I am also loving GT12! Such a good sweaty workout!" - Jody, Facebook

"I love GT12 too great result" - Maggi, Facebook.

"I especially love the trainers that I've come to know. They know exactly how and when to push me!!!" - @mrswailing, Instagram.

Looks like GT12 is a can't-miss session of fun, exercise, sweat, and more fun! Jump into GT12 today and get started!

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