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The Wedding Diet: What to Eat Before the Big Day

You're in the middle of planning for your big day–photographer? Check. Flowers? Check. Your plans are nearly finalized, but you forgot about one thing: your nutrition plan. Get glowing skin, and your big-day body with the wedding diet!

You want to look good for your special day, who doesn't? You're hitting up the gym every day, but you're not seeing the results that you want. 

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Remember: it's not just your abs that are made in the kitchen. Your diet is a major part of any weight loss or strength building. 

The Wedding Diet: What to Eat Before the Big Day

To help you reach your wedding day goals, we've got 5 tip on what to eat, and what to avoid: 

1. Plants

Eat plants and eat lots of them. Especially look to leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, kale and collard greens. Not only are they low calorie foods that can help to fill you up, but they are full of nutrients that will help to energize you even through the craziness of your wedding day. 

At least 2 months before, try incorporating leafy greens into one meal each day (bonus points if you get them in all of them!) 

Tip: Try a green smoothie, or an omelette. 

Also make sure you're eating raw fruits and vegetables! Both of these have enzymes that help you to better digest your food. Better digestion means less bloating!

2. Eat Your Fats

Fats are important for two reasons: 

  1. They help to fill you up
  2. They help to give your skin a subtle glow, and a shine to your hair. 

Fats make up nearly every cell in your body, and while you think that going "low fat" or "fat free" prior to your wedding day will help you shed the pounds, it will likely just leave you feeling hangry and your skin looking a little tired-out. 

Make sure that you choose the right fats, like essential fatty-acids (especially Omega-3 which can help fight stress-related inflammation). 

Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats! In case you didn't know by now, trans fats are bad for you. They can cause long-term health problems and short-term fat-gain. 

The Wedding Diet: What to Eat Before the Big Day

3. Protein

Look at consuming a mix of both plant-based and animal-based protein sources. This will help ensure that you are also getting enough fibre in your diet, along with whole protein sources–this means it has all of the amino acids you need. 

Here are a few of our favourite animal proteins: 

  • Chicken breast 
  • Lean ground beef
  • Salmon
  • Eggs

Here are some of our favourite vegetarian sources of protein:

4. Avoid inflammatory foods 

Unless you're an organization queen/king, you likely still have a few big to-do's left on your checklist. Make sure you stay in tip-top shape in the weeks leading up to the big day!

By reducing your intake of inflammatory foods, your can avoid issues like bloating, indigestion, bathroom issues, join pain, stress headaches, etc. 

The Wedding Diet: What to Eat Before the Big Day

Here are some of the major contributors: 

  • Dairy: think cheese, low-fat yogurts, ice cream, milk (duh), flavoured creamers
  • Coffee: try to switch to green tea, or at least only 1 cup of joe per day
  • Gluten: swap your morning bagel for eggs and avocado!
  • Sugar: trade out white, refined sugar for natural alternatives like fruits

5. Cut the sugar

As mentioned, sugar can cause inflammation, leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated. Plus, if you've seen the success stories from the Ketogenic diet, you know going low- to no-sugar can help shed the pounds. 

Try eliminating all unnatural sugars from your diet for one week prior to the big day. This includes: 

  • Bread
  • Pastas
  • Flavoured anything (coffee, yogurts, etc.) 
  • White sugar (duh!)

And limit sources of natural sugars like: 

  • Fruit
  • Natural sweeteners (i.e. maple syrup and honey)

What's the general way to make this work?

Focus on eating whole foods, with lots of plants and quality protein sources. If it comes from a package, avoid it. 

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