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The Sports Bras you Need for Each Exercise

Just like everyone is different, so is every sports bra. Each is designed for a specific set of activities to let you move freely and feel supported. 

Whether you're getting sweaty in spin, feeling zen after a vinyasa flow, or still shaking as you walk out of that new barre class, we (and your sports bra) are here to support you.  

We've listed out some of the most popular exercises today to make sure you buy the right sports bras that you need to break a sweat:   


This is probably one of the easiest sports bras to shop for, particularly if you take slower classes with only a few downward dogs. 

Sports Bras you need for each exercise

Photo courtesy of Nike 

Size (and class) dependent, you generally will be searching for high coverage and minimal support. The more that needs covering and the more intense the class, the higher neckline you may want, and you may also opt for medium support. 

Sports Bras you need for each exercise

Photo courtesy of Athleta 


You know you'll be getting sweaty, and sometimes a bra PLUS a top is just too much. With a halter bra, you basically get the best of both worlds without all the extra layering. 

Sports Bras you need for each exercisePhoto courtesy of New Balance 


You definitely need a bra that has a little extra support for running or a bootcamp class. Jumping, burpees, and even an extra fast sprint can do a number on your favourite girls if they don't have the extra love they need. 

Sports Bras you need for each exercise

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

If you're an outdoor runner, you may also want to search for a sports bra that will give you additional storage for keys and your phone. 

Spin Class 

If you're going to a spin or indoor cycling class, you will likely end up in just your sports bra and tights. Why not wear something fun to pair with an exciting class? 

Sports Bras you need for each exercise

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Pro tip: If you don't normally go sans-top or feel a little self-conscious, grab a pair of high-waisted tights to pair with your bra (even match them)! 


Let a little loose here, and let your inner dancer shine. You don't need as much support, or coverage in a barre class, so you can wear something a bit more strappy that fits nicely under a loose shirt. 

Sports Bras you need for each exercise

Photo courtesy of New Balance

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