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The Science Behind GT12: Why Is It The Most Efficient Way To Work Out?

Do you find that there’s never enough time to get everything done in your day? Lack of time should never be the reason why you choose to reduce or eliminate fitness from your life.

If you’re finding that your busy schedule is limiting your ability to make it to the gym I suggest that you give our small group training, GT12 a try! Not only are these classes a great time, they’re also one of the most efficient ways to work out!

GT12 is SNFC’s version of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Many gym goers have either heard of or tried HIIT themselves. Despite the popularity of HIIT most of us do not understanding the science behind this style of training.

Before we get into the science of why HIIT is effective, let’s define HIIT. HIIT involves repeating efforts of high intensity followed by a short rest periods. The combination of high intensity efforts with short rest periods allows participants to sustain their effort and get an amazing workout in a short period of time.

Now that we know what HIIT is, let’s review the science behind its benefits:


Burn an extra 1200 calories per week!

Completing three GT12 workouts per week helps participants burn 1200 calories or more. Multiple studies have found that compared to traditional steady state exercise, HITT burns more calories during and after workouts. High intensity exercise also results in a significant increase in the catecholamines hormones within the body.

These hormones help the body mobilize fat stores to be used as fuel. Combined, this caloric expenditure and improved hormone profile allows participants see a reduction in both superficial and visceral body fat, while maintaining muscle mass. 

Improved Health and Endurance

Pushing your body during classes improves VO2max, the body’s ability to use oxygen as energy. This improvement results in allowing you to sustain intense workouts for longer and improve your overall energy level.


This change improves both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. These workouts have also been shown to improve heart health, by improving blood cholesterol levels as well as reducing the stiffness of the aorta and blood vessels. Lowers your risk for diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

Finally, HIIT training has been shown improve our health at the cellular level by increasing the production mitochondria and the production of protein in them. 

If small group training sounds like something you need to incorporate into your workout routine, join GT12, our exclusive small group training program!

Experience the Power of Group Fitness, with the Results of Personal Training: Download your FREE week of GT12 now! 

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