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6 Exercises That Personal Trainers Love To Do

Do you wonder what personal trainers do when they get to squeeze in their own workouts?

We talked to six of our Steve Nash Fitness Clubs personal trainers and group fitness instructors to find out their go-to workouts when they hit the gym. With so many options, it's hard to choose, but they narrowed it down to each of their favourites. 

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Find out the 6 workouts our trainers love, and why you should do them too!

1. Battle Ropes

"I’m loving on the battle ropes right now. Great upper body/core burner, peaks your heart rate, and is a form of both strength/cardio!"

- Kalena Morton, Personal Trainer

6 Exercises That Personal Trainers Love To Do

2. Deadlifts:

"Deadlifts are my favourite!! It's empowering, and a great compound movement that targets mainly the glutes, hamstrings and lats!"

- Olivia Rabb, Personal Trainer

3. Indian Clubs:

"Indian Clubs are my favourite tool right now! Who doesn’t have wrist, elbow, or shoulder pain from time to time? Indian Clubs are incredible for these joints in both flexibility and stability."

- Deja Sheridan, Personal Trainer

6 Exercises That Personal Trainers Love To Do

4. Anything RIP trainer:

"Anything RIP trainer. Rotational training is awesome for core, stability, power and translates to athletic performance in a big way! Plus it’s a really cool to way to get your whole body engaged and to really MOVE."

- Logan Dube, Director of Fitness Education at BCPTI

5. Axle Plank Rollout:

"Total core activation in motion!"

- Ingrid Knight-Cohee, Director of Group Fitness 

6 Exercises That Personal Trainers Love To Do

6. Power Clean:

"They're a great way to generate power and explosive strength through combining a deadlift, high pull and a front squat. Combining these three can efficiently increase strength, and speed. Which translate to jumping height, agility, and acceleration."

- Mike Chan, Personal Trainer

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