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The Many Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

Have you ever felt in a rut with your current training program?

Have your strength gains and body composition results hit a plateau you can’t seem to budge past?

Are you looking to feel motivated, challenged, and excited about your fitness routine again without having to break the bank?


The answer can easily be summed up by registering for weekly small group training sessions. This is another entity of private personal training, but at a fraction of the cost. This smaller group atmosphere allows you to receive hands on training from a qualified coach in a fun learning environment that maximizes your effectiveness in the gym to reach your goals faster.

What are the Benefits?

If you're disciplined, accountable, committed, and enjoy learning, having fun, and making social connections–small group training will be the perfect environment for you!


Here are some of the benefits of small group training:

  • Working in a Team Environment 
    When people work in groups, they establish relationships and make friends. This allows for increased accountability to your fitness plan when you know your group is counting on you. It’s inspiring and motivating to connect with like-minded individuals with similar fitness and health goals, and it significantly increases your ability to stay committed to your training plan.

  • Personalized Training
    Your personal coach will create specific approaches to training and keep you mentally involved by tailoring you a specific group program. This could involve a ski training-focused program, 10 week challenges, summer body transformations, fun outdoor activities as a group and so much more!

  • Engaging Workout Environment 
    You will be taught proper form, so you’ll be more confident and effective in the gym, try new equipment and tools in workouts to keep them challenging and fun, and have your progress managed to minimize injury and accelerate results. Plus, you'l be part of a community where the best part of your day is your weekly group training session!


If small group training sounds like something you need to incorporate into your workout routine, join GT12 , our exclusive Small Group Training program!

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