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Meet the 4 Finalists from our 2019 Success Stories Contest

It's that time of year; when we announce the 4 finalists for our 2019 Success Stories contest!

We are constantly amazed and inspired by all the stories that you all submit every year. They are a testament to all of the hard work, time, and dedication that goes into making a successful fitness story, and make us want to work harder to make your fitness experience even better.

Here are your 4 finalists:

Alex Van

Meet the 4 Finalists from our 2019 Success Stories Contest


Club: Lonsdale Fitness World
Trainer: Logan Dube & Bryan Anthony

Alex was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2010. After a year of intensive treatment, she was once again faced with another uphill climb, this time against a brain tumour. It rendered the left side of her body weak with no strength, balance or coordination. She had to relearn basic motor-skills for everyday life and how to walk all over again. Years of cancer treatment had led Alex to feel a certain distrust in her body and physical capabilities. She stepped into the gym set on regaining control of her body and life.


Working with trainers at Steve Nash has not only allowed me to achieve my fitness goal of moving and living better, but it gave me a sense of empowerment in my own body that nobody else could give to me.

Natasha Oforsagd

Meet the 4 Finalists from our 2019 Success Stories Contest


Club: Park Royal Sports Club
Trainer: Chris O'Hare

Natasha developed an unhealthy habit of either using emotional eating or emotional running to cope with tough times in her life. In high school when she was bullied, she turned to eating. Years later when her dad suddenly passed away, she turned to running. Both took a toll on her body, from increased weight gain to injuries to her legs and feet. Motivated by pictures of herself at a family birthday party, she started working with her trainer, Chris O'Hare, to make positive and impactful changes to her life.


I knew signing up at the gym was the right start for me to find the person in myself I had lost when I was young. The team were all welcoming and kind, making me feel comfortable as it was incredibly hard for me to come work out around so many other people. However, it was with Chris that I felt like it was actually possible for me to find the person I was looking for. To find the healthy balance that I so desperately needed.

Danielle Blackett

Meet the 4 Finalists from our 2019 Success Stories Contest


Club: Delta Fitness World
Trainer: Julianne Mellof

Orthorexia and Binge Eating Disorder made living a healthy life a constant struggle for Danielle. She would go through phases of obsessing over her weight and eating food she deemed healthy, to binge eating everything in sight when dealing with stress. After losing the weight she wanted, then gaining it all back again, she learned that fitness is a journey, not a destination.


By May 16, I had reached my ultimate goal of 135 pounds! It was a target I had never thought I would reach. I’ve also seen a massive shift in my mentality both towards food and fitness as a whole. As for my binge eating? At some point in my journey, I couldn’t tell you the exact point, it finally clicked for me that food isn’t “good” or “bad.” Food is just food.

George Layne

Meet the 4 Finalists from our 2019 Success Stories Contest


Club: Lougheed Town Centre Fitness World
Trainer: Rochelle Konath

George had a simple goal; be as fit as possible for the final third of his life. Recovering from a series of back injuries made exercising difficult. After experiencing another injury setback, he signed up for 36 personal training sessions with his trainer, Rochelle, determined to regain his lost fitness routine and work towards being the healthiest 62 year old on the planet. 


Before I started my training with Rochelle, I weighed 183 lbs. I now weigh 167 lbs. I had a 60 year-old beer belly, and now I can see some definition. I can do chin-ups again, something I haven’t done since elementary school. I am also now able to do things I never could before, like dips without counter weights, leg presses with 12 plates, and much more!

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