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The 4 Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the announcement of the Four Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest! 

We are overwhelmed with the response from this year's Success Stories applications. Reading your stories had us in tears several times, and ultimately, left us feeling inspired to wake up everyday and do an even better job of making fitness the most important part of your day. 

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu... The Four 2018 Success Stories Finalists:

Nicci Clark

SNFC 2018 Success Story - Nicci Clark

Club: Richmond Oval Village Fitness World
Trainer: Chris Wyndham, Jordan Stevenson, Mark Hanczak

Nicci was rear-ended in a car accident in August of 2014, and sustained multiple injuries to her neck, back, ribs, and hips. At the time, she had only 240 hours left in a 600 hour work practicum that would mean a whole new career for her, but she lost out on that opportunity after the accident. Nicci rose above all her excuses, fear, and pain to gain strength, as she knew this would be the only way she would feel somewhat normal again. 

I have fallen so much in love with working out for new strengths and at this gym that I am currently enrolled in the October 2017 BCPTI course so that I can certify to be a part of this leading team! 

Ange Falletta

SNFC 2018 Success Story - Ange Falletta

Club: Downtown Express Fitness World
Trainer: Danny David

Once Ange started university, life got busy and stressful–as it does–and in combination with all of life's obstacles, she began to let herself go.  Finally after several years, she reached the turning point. She made a promise to herself that the girl she saw in the mirror was going to be a girl of the past. 

I am just over the 60 lbs loss mark! Yes, 60 lbs!!! My journey started about 9 months ago and I still have a lot of work to do, but I am so amazed at the results so far. I am steadily moving closer to my goals each day.

Baljit Gill

SNFC 2018 Success Story - Baljit Gill

Club: Park Royal Sports Club
Trainer: Gavin Gambhir

Baljit lost her oldest brother when she was three years old, and her second oldest brother when she was 11 years old – both from a disease called Muscular Dystrophy. The bullying, and the emotional strain of the loss, left Baljit in a vulnerable state with a severe lack of confidence, causing her to gain quite a bit of weight during her teens and early twenties. At her highest weight of 288lbs, she had given up and accepted that she was going to be big her entire life. It took the love and support of her friends and family to heal her mentally and emotionally first, before she could attempt a physical change.

My goals are continuously evolving to meet my new expectations. I have already met my original goal of losing 100 lbs! Currently, I am still focused reducing my body fat percent and gaining muscle strength. With Gavin's support we are aiming to make me the strongest version of myself, currently focusing on powerlifting!

Tommy Grier

SNFC 2018 Success Story - Tommy Grier

Club: Howe and Davie Fitness World
Trainer: Jack Liu

Just recently, Tommy hit the six month mark of no drinking–something he never thought he would say in his entire life. After signing up for the gym and doing a fitness assessment with his trainer, Jack, he realized he had some pretty severe issues with his back, knees, and feet. The first step was to correct those issues as best they could so he could start properly training. Day by day, week by week, Tommy slowly started seeing improvements. His spine wasn’t so curved. He walked taller and straighter. He didn’t have pain in his knees and ankles when he was working. And then he started seeing his body transform.

None of this would have been possible without my trainer, Jack Liu. In short, he changed my life. He took something I never thought I would enjoy and turned it into a passion that is only just beginning. He fixed my body, and in turn helped me fix myself. 

We'd like to take this time to thank some of our vendors and brand partners for making this Success Stories contest possible:

  • RYU - for lending workout gear to our Finalists for the photo and video shoot.
  • New Balance Vancouver - for providing clothes and shoes for our Finalists to keep, and wear, in the photo and video shoot.
  • Chris Thorn Photography - for taking all of the amazing photos of our Finalists–don't worry, there are many more to come of these All-Stars!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Success Stories winner in December!

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