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We Asked Our Team of Experts What's Their Favourite Group Fitness Class. Here's The Top 5!

Group Fitness is fun. Period.

If you ever tried it, you know what we are talking about! Never been to a group class? Why not try it next time you go to the gym?

Working out in a group is a unique experience that will bring you unexpected benefits. The diversity of group classes that we offer will not only help you achieve your goals (no matter what they are) but will also give you an opportunity to meet new people!


The "we're all in this together" feeling of exercising with a group is all you need on those days of low motivation. Besides, having other people to share your goals and fitness journey with, will certainly make you more accountable for your results! 

But with some many options (more than 650 to be precise) where should you start? Well, we know it can be quite confusing to choose only one... but don't worry, we've got your back! 

To help you explore the world of Group Fitness, we asked our instructors, trainers and fitness experts what is their favourite class. Here are the top mentions!


Great music. Easy to work hard, low impact, great group vibe. Definitely a community feel, especially in clubs with a separate spin studio! - Logan Dube, Director of Education. 

Spin has always been one of the most popular group fitness modalities. It's an accessible and fun class that will give you a stronger core, legs, and booty while building up your cardiovascular endurance. This is a great option if you are the type of person that gets motivated by music during work out. Spin your way to your fitness goals and enjoy the ride with this awesome group fitness class! 



Tabata is all about your effort for 20 sec and then you get that short 10 sec breath of relief. Was a great class when I first started as a member to build my confidence and endurance. - Christine Woodington, Group Fitness Instructor. 

Tabata is an intense full body workout that combines the benefits of cardio and strength training. Popularly known as "the world's greatest fat burning workout", this class is a simple yet effective interval training technique designed to boost your metabolism. Tabata is for you if you are tired of doing HIIT on the bike or treadmill and ready to a new and intense challenge! 

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Shred Express

Cycle class with a kick in the pants! Such a great challenge using my two favourite things: interval training and cycling! - Michelle Rene, Group Fitness Instructor. 

Shred Express is another intense interval cycling experience for a serious no-nonsense sweat! This full body workout will help you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular performance. A Shred Express involves repetitions of spinning, pushing, climbing and recovering. You will finish up with a 10 minutes easy ride and a soothing stretch to round out the class. Looking for a challenge on the bike? This ride is for you! 

Buff Body

I teach a lot of classes, so it’s hard for me to just focus on a strength based workout as most group classes have a fair amount of cardio. Buff Body allows me to get my lifting in! - Kalena Morton, Fitness Instructor. 

If your goal is to build strong muscles that will increase your metabolism and enhance your overall fitness performance, Buff Body is the GF class for you! It is a challenging yet adaptable muscle conditioning class that targets key body parts for ultimate strength and confidence. Using resistance tools such as long bars, dumbbells and stability balls, this group class will challenge and inspire you to go beyond. Sculpt, tone and buff your way to your best body ever! 


Bungee Xtreme

Bungee Xtreme creates mental and physical disruption that challenges me to keep learning and making gains! - Ingrid Knight-Cohee, Group Fitness Director. 

This is one of our most innovative group fitness classes! A circuit style workout that builds on bungee basics incorporating high-intensity interval tools such as battle-ropes, dumbbells, sand-bells and bender balls. Bungee Xtreme can be beneficial for you regardless of your fitness level. It is a very adaptable workout that can be tailored to your goals. If you are looking for a class that takes you out of your comfort zone, chose Bungee Xtreme and get ready to fly!  

With over 800+ group fitness classes offered per week, we know it's hard to choose only one! We hope this article gives you a good selection to start with. Try these classes and let us know which one is YOUR favourite!