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Success Story: Why Fitness Was Essential For James' Career

Physical fitness isn't just to hit goals in the gym. For some, fitness is an essential part of doing our job, especially when we are responsible for the lives of others. 

James wanted to become a firefighter since he was a young boy. At 18 years old, James started working toward that dream with the help of Steve Nash Delta Fitness World.

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The workout plan was set. As a previous track and field runner, James was looking to add on muscle to meet the physical demands that come with being a firefighter–he had the cardio part down. So, five days each week, James would start with a basic routine, hitting all the regular areas. 

I was making progress slowly but surely in what i now call my "Newbie Gains".

Success Story: Why Fitness Was Essential For James' Career

But he did see gains. As his strength increased, so did his size and his drive. Within a year, James had put on 20lbs, and confidence that he could meet the requirements needed to become a firefighter. As his dad was a firefighter, James was able to do a walk-through on the firefighter physical. 

James crushed through the first two tests thanks to his leg strength that he had acquired through years of track and field. Near the end, James was finally challenged to a test he couldn't overcome. 

But rather than quit and never come back to it, I trained harder, I pushed my body in a way comparable to the way Rocky trained to fight Drago in Rocky VI. But my gains came to me less quickly and I began to get frustrated.

At this time, James was gifted personal training sessions with Delta Fitness World trainer, Jason. Here,  James was pushed to his limits, and he learned more about the impact of nutrition on fuelling his body by counting macros

Packing his bags, James then headed to Ontario to continue with his pursuit of becoming a firefighter. He went to Fire School and obtained his certificates. 

Today, James works actively as a paramedic, and continues to count macros and lift regularly thanks to the knowledge he received while training at Delta Fitness World. 

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