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Success Story: Why Brad Stuck with Fitness After a Life-Changing Diagnosis

Sometimes, you're forced to take a break from your fitness journey to let an injury heal. It can be hard to take that break, but it's essential to recovery. 

Brad H. was always in good shape. While he was never the fittest, he was always active. He started with playing sports and getting outdoors, eventually moving to the gym where he saw promising results. 

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In the two years that Brad went to the gym, he would occasionally feel lower back pain. Soon the pain, and frequency increased, so much so that he decided to seek medical advice. After numerous exams and appointments, it was discovered that Brad had two fractured bones in his vertebra. This was an issue that he had unknowingly dealt with for 21 years–this defect had been present since birth. 

Success Story: Why Brad Stuck with Fitness After a Life-Changing Diagnosis

While Brad had seemed in great physical shape, his muscles had developed so much that his spine could no longer be held in place, and he was in constant pain. 


This was one of the lowest points of my life. Going from being very active and happy to not being allowed to do what I loved, coupled with constant pain, made for some pretty bad times. I tried all types of treatments, none of which had any effect.

The only way that Brad would be able to exercise again would be to start from scratch, as if he had never exercised before.

Guided by a physiotherapist, Brad went from deadlifting over 300lbs to being unable to lift the bar. 

In the 5 years since his diagnosis, Brad found Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club. Training 5 days each week at Victoria Fitness World , Brad looks to the trainers to make sure he is progressing properly and doing his exercise with proper form–an essential part of his recovery.

Steve Nash has provided me with somewhere that I can comfortably perform my physiotherapy exercises and slowly start to build the muscle that is necessary for me to live pain free.

While Brad knows he'll never be completely pain free, he is able to do the same physical activity he once did, with manageable pain levels. 

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