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Success Story: How Wendy S. Went from Afternoon Naps to Long-Distance Running

Wendy knew something needed to change when she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Looking to lose weight and gain self-confidence, Wendy started her journey back to fitness.

Long time member, Wendy, was on a flight on her way home from a vacation when she started to realize that sitting was uncomfortable for her. Wendy no longer felt comfortable in her own skin due to weight gain. She was breathless from climbing stairs, napping as a result of low energy, and nearing her 60th birthday, Wendy wanted a change. 

Success Story - Wendy S. - long distance running

A long-time member of the North Shore Fitness World, Wendy would often attend classes and workout on her own, however her lack of knowledge around proper technique led to injuries, setbacks, and not reaching her goals. 

Wendy took part in a free personal training session offered by the club. Working with Marcelo Castro, after a recommendation from a friend, Wendy went through with some fitness testing. 

I was surprised at how high my heart rate was after only 15 minutes of walking. Marcelo said my heart was working very hard, at a dangerously high rate. 

Marcelo took this opportunity to explain to Wendy what her options were, physically and nutritionally, to ensure she reached her goals of losing weight and gaining strength. As Wendy continued with Marcelo's personal training sessions, she was able to correct her technique, reduce injuries and maximize her workouts for the best results. 

I can't believe how hard I can work out, something I never did on my own. Not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't know any better. I still have work to do, but I know I will succeed with my fitness and weight loss goals. 

Over nine months, Wendy has lost 40 lbs and is able to run on a treadmill for over an hour with no rest. Originally unable to walk for 15 minutes without physical strain, Wendy sees herself as a runner and is truly enjoying it. Her mind is clearer and she is more alert throughout the day – no naps needed! 

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