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Success Story: Vicky Knew Weight Loss Was Her Goal, But She Learned So Much More

Vicky felt pressure from family and friends to change her weight. But looking back now, it isn't the reason the she started working out. 

Vicky was consumed by society's definition of beauty and knew something needed to change. Daunted by her family and friends, who would always tell her she would “look pretty if she was skinny”, she recognized that it was time to start exercising and making better food choices.

Success Story: Vicky Knew Weight Loss Was Her Goal, But She Learned So Much More

Going to the gym was outside of Vicky's comfort zone. She was nervous, like many of us are the first time we do anything new. But she didn't let this fear hold her back from reaching her goals. 

Vicky found comfort in the “women’s only” workout area at Brentwood, where fate brought her into the hands of her personal trainer, Hailee. While beginning regular training sessions at Steve Nash Brentwood Sports Club, Hailee helped Vicky understand how nutrition and physical exercise both impact someone's fitness level, and why goal setting is important. 


“I am very thankful for my trainer, Hailee, who has been supportive of me both physically and mentally through this entire process.”

Hailee held Vicky accountable along her journey–from what she was eating, to how often she was hitting the gym on her own time. 

By eating healthy I feel more energetic and focused at work. [This] increases my overall productivity. Exercise is also no longer a chore but an outlet to de-stress and be healthy.

Over one year, Vicky lost 39.6lbs and has turned exercise into an outlet, rather than a chore! She knew she couldn’t have done it alone. She attributes her weight loss success to the guidance of Brentwood trainer, Hailee, and the continued support of everyone around her, Vicky has adopted a new, healthy lifestyle.

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