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Success Story: How Tina W. Changed her Physical and Mental Health

For Tina, success was about more than just physical change. Over the last six years, the club became her outlet to overcome emotional barriers and drive her to make everyday change. 

Tina was one of our 2013 Success Stories, and since then, she's only gotten stronger, leaner and healthier––both physically and mentally. Over her six-year journey, Tina has lost a total of 250 lbs, with 230 lbs lost in her first two years of training thanks to the team at the Langley Fitness World, but today she works out for her mental health, along with her physical strength.. 

I want to help inspire people by letting them know this journey is not one that you can give up on. 

Success Story - Tina's Weightloss Changed her Physical and Mental Health

Tina saw the physical changes in her body that she was hoping for with the hard work she had put in, but knew that this didn't mean she could "slack off" on gym-time. This was especially important as she realized skipping a workout impacted her mentally. Tina knew that no matter what mood she was in throughout the day, she was able to get back on track with a quick trip to the club. 

If you can dream it you can achieve it. Many people make excess or set up personal road blocks but if they look at physical activity as a way to change the way they feel they would love it ... Phsyical activity changes the mind, body and soul :)

For Tina, Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club was an essential part of her ability to make time for the gym, and noticed how it helped motivate those around her. With everything from group fitness classes to child minding facilities, Tina was able to schedule time at the gym, bring her kids, and know that her son was safe and surrounded by happy, healthy people.

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